Create a Hostel that
Inspires Human Connection

SMALL team makes
BIG dream
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Time flies. What are you waiting for?

Meet the world, see the thing you've never seen

Walking into Homey's front door is just like walking into another world.
Here the language you hear is not familiar to you
But you know you can understand each other.
The face you look at is not familiar to you
But you know you will smile to those lovely faces.
Thanks to these strangers,
Our life changes a little from here.

No more hesitation, just join us!


Why I choose Homey to work with as an intern? Because it allows me to meet people from all over the world without going out of this country. I can experience exotic people and cultrue without going far away.
Culture shock, I would use this word to describe how I feel about this experiece. I choose to stay late at Homey after work and just chat with people. Moreover, their story and bravity inspires me, I feel confident that maybe I can become one of them, I can explore this world even if i'm on our own. Yes, just do it:)

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Working at Homey makes us full of energy. We check each corner. Dealing with small things to big thing, from organizing daily chore to creating and carrying out new project, makes us found out our potential and our unique characteristics. On top of our focus to create better solution and best hostel experience. Are these also what you're looking for? Come to join us!

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From here, you'll learn from the very beginning, we believe learning by doing and we believe being able to do little things right then you can achieve the big thing. We never stop growing up! We never stop innovating!
We are the pilot lead Homey to be #1 Hostel of the world. Making Homey to be a playground of world wild travelers. There are memory, our friends, partner and laugh inside. We set an example, leaning trust each other and take responsibility. We're constantly tackling challenges. Never pass any chance of success.
Come to join us and lets become better together.

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Accommodation Exchange

Do the small things right then you can achieve the big. Housekeeping is our most basic and most important daily work. We put highly attention and value on this job. Do it right, then we can move on!
If you have Working Holiday Visa and are looking for a resident place, we provide a work-for-free-stay job which allows you stay for free!

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Property developer

We're still looking for a place for future Hostel development. If you have a possible object in good location, no matter it's a floor, a whole building or it's a old hotel, please feel free to contact us.

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Strategic Alliance

We're sure we can build business with Aliens, so even if we're not in the same industry, still please feel free to contact us.

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Cooperation Project

Homey is a platform of traveler. 80% of travelers are stay in Homey as their first stop in Taiwan and get all their need during travel. Got an idea to make COOL things? If it's also your interest, Let's make the world surprising!

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Blogger Experience

If you are a travel blogger or media worker who wants to introduce Homey, we would like to invite you to stay in Homey and experience how special we are without any fee but writing a article about us. Homey is a really unique hostel, it is nice to make more people know us by your introduction. We have a lot of stories created by our guests wait for you to discover. Contact us as soon as possible!

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