Special offer for Tigerair Taiwan passengers!



2 hour between-flight FREE REST & REFRESHMENT
Guest has 2 hours to access, for FREE, all hostel facilities, including:
  • dorm bed
  • locker
  • shower
  • WiFi

This offer is ideal for early morning/late night, budget flight passengers.
A 2 hour between-flight REST & REFRESHMENT in Homey Hostel, will restore your energy before/during/after a long journey!
5% discount off room booking

Terms and Conditions
  1. Limited to Homey Hostel guests only. (not transferable)(min. NT$600/night)
  2. Limited to Tigerair Taiwan passengers only.
  3. Applicable between flight arrival and departure.
  4. Reservation, in person, made at Homey Hostel front desk.
  5. 8:30 am-10:30 pm (proof of boarding pass required)
  6. 2 hours must be consecutive.
  7. Selection of mixed or female dorm. (beds cannot be pre-assigned)
  8. Offer only available if hostel rooms are not fully booked.
  9. Homey Hostel reserves the right to alter and/or terminate, in part or whole, this offer at any time, without notice.