What’s the price for a short-term rental lease?

Room type Monthly renral price ( Breakfast, utilities, internet, daily cleaning are included ) Weekly rental price ( Breakfast, utilities, internet, daily cleaning are included ) Daily rental price ( Breakfast, utilities, internet, daily cleaning are included )
1 bed in female dorm 1 month/NTD 12,000
(Average price is NTD400 per day)
1 week/NTD 4,000
(Average price is NTD570 per day)
1 day/NTD 600-660
1 bed in mixed dorm 1 month/NTD 12,000
(Average price is NTD400 per day)
1 week/NTD 4,000
(Average price is NTD570 per day)
1 day/NTD 600-660

*Price may be higher during holiday season and summer vacation, contact us for more accurate information

Where is Homey?

Homey is located near Taipei Main Station, only a 5 minute walk away. Homey is in Taipei’s city center and there are two big MRT stations nearby, making it very convenient for you to stroll around Taipei at night.

Our address is : 7F., No.180, Chang’an W. Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Can you reduce the room fee if I don’t stay in Homey on Saturdays or Sundays?

Yes. We can deduct the room fee of the days you don’t stay in Homey. You just need to notify us beforehand and put your luggage in the luggage room before you leave. For example, if you sign a 2-month short-term rental lease, but will not stay in Homey for 16 days of those 2 months, specify your condition and notify us before you sign the contract so that we can deduct 16 days’ room fee.

Is there a washing machine and water dispenser available for use?

We provide a coin-operated washing machine and dryer, and the water dispenser is free of charge.

Can I terminate the contract if I’m not satisfied with the environment?

You can terminate the contract during first three days unconditionally, and would only need to pay for the nights you stayed. Notice that Homey has the right to terminate the contract and refund you the rest of the room fee if you have bad behavior.

Can this short-term rental lease apply to me if I only want to live in Homey for one month?

Yes, our short-term rental lease applies to anyone who wants to stay in Homey more than 30 days. For example, you can sign a 57-day contract or a 66-day contract, and we will charge you according to how many days you stay in Homey.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes, we will give you a receipt. If you give us your ID tax number, we will also give you the receipt that you can use to claim reimbursement.

Can I bring my friend to the room?

Sorry, in order to keep the room quiet and maintain living quality, anyone who is not Homey’s guest is not allowed to enter the rooms. If you want to meet with your friend, the lobby is available for you before 11:00 p.m. If your friend needs a room but hasn’t made a reservation, he/she can book on site and Homey’s staff will do our best to arrange for you stay in the same room.

Can I keep a pet?

For sanitary reasons, pets are not allowed in Homey.

Do you provide television?

We provide a TV available for use in our lobby. You are also free to use our WIFI to stream on your personal devices.

Is Homey safe?

Homey has successfully passed 16 strict laws to get a Hostel legal license. We follow the government’s regulations and are inspected every year in order to ensure standards of fire safety, public safety and sanitation. We have our front desk staff available to provide assistance for you, and there’s a security guard working 24 hours downstairs at the entrance of the building. The safety of an independently rented apartment cannot compare with Homey’s safety precautions.

Can I cook in Homey?

We provide a kitchen island and professional stove and oven for anyone who has a passion for cooking!

Can I live with my friend?

Yes, we provide several different types of rooms you can choose to stay in. If your friends stay in Homey, you can choose to stay in the same room.

How much is the utility fee?

Our room fee includes utilities and WiFi. You won’t have to pay any extremely expensive utilities fees or worry about internet problems.

How much is the room deposit?

We don’t require a room deposit AT ALL, so you won’t run into any situation in which the landlords refuse to return the deposit.

Homey is located on the 7th floor, do I need to walk up the stairs?

We have two elevators in this building, so you won’t need to carry heavy luggage up the stairs.

Is there any access control to Homey?

We have a security guard at the building entrance, but our guests can enter or leave the building anytime they want.

What’s the difference between staying at Homey and renting an apartment myself?

Homey Hostel Self-rent apartment
The length of contract You can flexibly adjust the length of contract, and we will only charge you the days you stay in Homey. The minimum contract unit is one month, so you would have to pay the room fee even if some days you don’t stay there.
Utilities fee The room fee includes water, electricity and internet. The utilities fee is very pricy (Usually, the tenant has to pay the landlord 2-3 times higher than the original bill for one kWh).
Fire security We receive a fire security inspection twice each year. There’s no fire inspection. You may be renting an illegal rooftop add-on, which can be very dangerous if any fire incident occurs.
Insurance We buy our customers public liability insurance, whose coverage is worth 30 million. Landlords don’t provide insurance at all.
Sanitation We clean the environment on daily basis, disinfect our facilities monthly, and receive a public sanitation inspection yearly. You have to clean the environment yourself.
Public area We provide a 30 square-meter lobby and kitchen island, which provides more than enough space for you to relax and mingle with others. There’s often only 3-5 square-meters of space for you to use.
Equipment We provide a washing machine, dryer, water dispenser, television, and computers for our guests to use. Not all landlords provide the equipment mentioned above.
Terminating the contract You can terminate the contract unconditionally within first three days. There’s no chance for you to terminate the contract.
Interpersonal Atmosphere Homey Hostel You can meet friends from all over the world. Short stay, MANY NEW FRIENDS. Self-rent apartment You are likely to feel lonely.

Are there any reviews I can refer to?

Below is the review written by a girl on her first day staying in Homey:

Homey’s environment is very good and the lobby is beautiful. I met a lot of travelers from Japan, Korea, America, England, Spain, France, Germany, Singapore, Brazil and many other places. Actually, I was quite terrified before I entered the lobby because I’ve never stayed in a Hostel before. Fortunately everyone I met was very nice and we just bonded. My roommates were from Brazil and Japan, and we went to XiMenDing together yesterday. After we came back, we stayed in the lobby and chatted with Korean and Japanese guests. I met a lot of backpackers and we’ve talked about their stories during their traveling. I think staying in Homey was a special and nice experience, I like it.

Wei Ru, Kaohsiung, 2017 summer.

I want to know more about you.

Please check out our official website or Facebook page.

Why Homey’s price is not the cheapest one on the market?

Some people ask us why we set this price?
Safety and sanitation are the principles that Homey regards compulsory. In addition, we hope to provide every customer the opportunity to get to know new friends from all over the world.

Indeed, there are some really cheap self-rent apartments on the market, but safety is questionable. For example, some landlord’s property once happened major criminal incidents (e.g. suicide, murder), or some property doesn’t have properly designed evacuation space, which will cause danger if emergency happens.

Homey is not just running a Hostel, we hope you’ll have precious memories and make lifetime friends. Travelling when you’re still young can be nourishment of your life.

Homey Founder, Josh

How do I make a reservation?

Call +886 2 2550-4499 or E-mail Us to Book This Package

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