Taipei is filled with endless new retail shops, local markets and shopping malls. What these entrepreneurs share is an interest in seeking a quality way of life, and the differences in their findings can be seen in what they sell. While shopping in Taipei for souvenirs to bring back home, don’t forget to chat with the shop owners. their vision and unique insight will tell something more about the brand and their products! In Taipei, while design stores showcase immense creativity of the younger generation,…Continue Reading “Shopping in Taipei: 10 favorite places to go! – By Homey Hostel”

So I know I promised that my next post would be on the best historical and cultural places in Taipei, but writing about historical and cultural places kind of requires research on history and culture, and research takes time. So in the interim, here’s a brief post about my new obsession: TPE Terminal 2’s waiting areas. This past weekend, I took a quick jaunt over to mainland China to attend the wedding reception for one of my friend’s from when I was studying abroad in…Continue Reading “The Best of TPE Terminal 2!”