Things to do around Taipei Main Station

Things to do around Taipei main station

Taiwan is a great example of the old meeting with the new. It isn’t uncommon to see a temple facing a mall, pagoda roofs towering above apartment buildings. Taipei is no exception to this, it’s probably where that happens the most since it’s the capital and probably the most modern city in Taiwan. This is why we will use Taipei main station as our central point of focus.


  1. Q Square Mall

Is the first thing to around Taipei main station. It has everything you could want or expect from a mall; Restaurants, cinema, perfume stores, clothes stores and more


2. National Taiwan Museum of Land Bank Exhibition Hall

This is for those who love a bit of history or animal science. There are two very good exhibitions on terrestrial vertebrates and dinosaurs. It is just a few steps away from Taipei Main station, very easy to access.

3. Taipei Presidential office building

This building was originally built to serve as the office for the governor-general of Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period. Only a ten minutes walk from Taipei main station, this beautiful building is where Taiwan’s president works. You can definitely book a visit on their website if you fancy it. They have tour guides that can speak, Chinese, English, and Japanese. It’s a great place for those who love a bit of history.


4. Wangtea

Anyone who loves tea should visit Wangtea. They have the widest range of teas available for sale. You can also check out how tea is sorted, roasted and prepared. So if you want the full tea experience you know where to head out! Wangtea is sure not to disappoint.


5. Taipei main station city mall: the biggest underground mall

I have definitely gotten lost more times than I cared to count in that place. It is huge but very cool. It also has everything you could want and it is easy to spend a few hours inside without noticing.


6. Shandao Temple

What would this article be without the mention of at least one temple? This stunning temple is the largest Buddhist temple in Taipei and walking distance from the station. Definitely worth a visit.


7. Ningxia night market

One road of Taiwanese food heaven. very close to the Taipei main station so no need to take the metro. Although not as big, this market is as popular as the other bigger night markets and worth the trip. The market is divided into two parts, one for food and the other part of the market is dedicated to games.


8. Dadaocheng

Dadaocheng is a very old part of town dating from the late 1800s. The majority of the buildings are very traditional in that place. It hosts a large selection of tea houses where you can pop in during your stroll around this fascinating area.


9. Din Tai Fung restaurant

The famous Taiwanese restaurant has branches all around the world. It is a must do in Taiwan. They specialize in Xialongbao; steam buns prepared in bamboo baskets and Huaiyang cuisine. They are the best at it.

There is so much more to discover around Taipei main station, much more shopping places such as the Eslite spectrum, Taipei Metro mall, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. The Taiwan national museum and the museum of contemporary arts are also walking distance. These are my personal recommendations of things to do around Taipei main station, but there’s nothing like discovering a place on your own. A thousand pictures and words wouldn’t be enough to describe how amazing Taipei is.


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