The Best of TPE Terminal 2!

So I know I promised that my next post would be on the best historical and cultural places in Taipei, but writing about historical and cultural places kind of requires research on history and culture, and research takes time. So in the interim, here’s a brief post about my new obsession: TPE Terminal 2’s waiting areas.

This past weekend, I took a quick jaunt over to mainland China to attend the wedding reception for one of my friend’s from when I was studying abroad in Chengdu. Since I was attempting to travel on a 72-visa-free transit (it’s a thing!) I made sure to arrive at the airport in Taipei incredibly early. I arrived early enough to adequately deal with the complications surrounding my attempt to enter the PRC, but once my flight was delayed, I found myself with nearly three hours to kill before boarding. I began to wander around the airport, looking for something to do or eat, and as I did so, I noticed that each of the gates was decorated in a particular theme. Curious, I began to explore more and take pictures, and now I present to you a quick glimpse into the best areas in TPE Terminal 2!

Let’s Start Our Journey at the C Gates…

Catch a flight of of gate C8, and be treated to the best of Taipei’s cinematic experiences.

Want to wander around before getting to your gate? Head on an adventure to find this charming little pagoda.

Pretend you’re at the beach while you learn about Taiwan’s native flowers.

Take in the sights of Taiwan’s best river ecosystems as you sit in a free massage chair.

Learn about the finer points of Taipei’s music industry

This gate dedicated to aviation even has hot air balloon baskets you can sit in!

TPE also hosts a lovely orchid garden for you to roam at your leisure.

Are you a Hello Kitty enthusiast? If so, Gate C3 is the place for you!

The Taiwan Image Waiting Lounge is dedicated to Chinese opera.

You’ll go postal for this gate dedicated to the Taipei post office.


Grab some food in a food court inspired by the Pingxi Lantern Festival!


And Finally the D Gates!

Bring your running shoes so you can get a workout in during a long layover!

You can even take a nap in a super fancy sleeping chamber!

This gate dedicated to hiking and biking in Taiwan will get you going places.

Relax and find a good book to read in the airport library.

Sit your butt on some baozi in this area dedicated to Taipei delicacies.

Get your game on in the airport esports center.

The Artist Experience center gives you a good look at some of the finer samples of Chinese calligraphy.

Learn more about Taipei’s commercial products and greatest exports in this area.

This gate dedicated to Hakka culture can educate you about some of Taiwan’s native populations.

This gate dedicated to traditional puppetry will truly give you a show.

Have kids? Are you a kid at heart? There’s a playground for you to run around in to your heart’s desire!

Learn more about Taiwan’s native animal species in the Wildlife Conservation area.

The Aboriginal culture area hosts several ancient artifacts for you to view.

The A and B Gates, don’t have as much going for them, but you can still find plenty of food there!

Also, there’s a really cool giant lotus sculpture you can sit and relax by.

Additionally, there are several art galleries throughout the terminal that host rotating art exhibits.

An art exhibit on leather crafts.

An exhibit standing outside the entrance to one of TPE’s prayer rooms.

An exhibit on furniture and home design


An exhibit on classic Chinese calligraphy

Dang, I could (and I have) spend hours in this airport! If you ever have a layover in TPE, at least you’ll always have something to do! Even if you never make it outside the airport, by flying through TPE, you’ll be able to say you gained knowledge about Taiwanese culture and history.

Stay tuned for this week’s later post where I actually talk about the best cultural and historical spots around Taipei!

Until next time,

Your favorite Homey LTR, Angie

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