Oolong tea experience at Homey

Oolong tea experience at Homey




You haven’t really traveled to Taipei if you haven’t done some sort of tea experience. Within so many activities tea tasting is one of my favorite things to do at Homey Hostel. Usually served by our very own Jeffrey (photographed above) the experience includes not only tasting but a whole detailed session explaining how it is served. Lucky for you dear reader I have the whole process here for you. Follow this step by step and you will be well on your way to the Taiwanese tea experience.



Step 1: Use a teaspoon to scoop the tea leaves. Not too many otherwise it might be too strong.



Step 2: Use the tea tip to push the tea leaves down until they cover the bottom of the teapot



Step 3: Put boiling water into the tea top



Step 4: Wait 30 seconds for the first steeping (softening of leaves and extracting of flavors)



Step 5: Pour first steeping in all the cups to warm them up/smell the tea but do not drink it



Step 6: Pour boiled water into the teapot for second steeping and wait for 40 seconds.



Step 7: Pour the tea into tea serving pot 



Step 8: Use your thumb to press on the tea infuser to help the tea come out.



Step 9: Serve it in cups for everyone to enjoy the Taiwanese tea experience!



If you want to enjoy the tea experience at Homey hostel please pop in. The tea is served with delicious cookies; one bite pastry, cookie sets, mung bean cake, Pineapple, and egg yolk cake, Ali mountain alpine oolong tea, sun moon lake ruby black tea.

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