Taiwan’s Exclusive Craft Beer Scene

Prior to arriving to Taiwan, I have lived in Portland, Oregon. Portland is well known for their micro-breweries, upon arriving to Taipei, Taiwan, I was eager to delve into their own world of craft beer. The most well known of Taiwan beers, is of course ‘Taiwan beer’ lager style, but it doesn’t stop there, about a half-hour from homey hostel by taking the green line to Da’an district, 23 Public craft brewery offers a variety of lagers, ales and cider. Here at homey we offer two beers from 23 Public craft beer. The average price for local craft beer, run about 200NTD (USD 6.38) and below. 

The local craft beer scene

craft beer taiwan

The drinking culture is slightly different than from USA, much of the breweries here open at about 5pm, in the states breweries typically open at 11pm, but don’t let that deter you, many breweries offer different happy hour prices depending on the company. There are also many breweries that sell craft bottled beer from around the world. Much like the states, many micro-breweries offer food, much of the food is a fusion of east meets west, Taiwan’s local dishes are also presented in many of the menus I have observed. Dislike the prices from the menu.? Many micro-breweries let you bring food of your own choice from home or wherever you please. 

craft beer taiwan

Here are a few Carft beer Breweries in proximity of homey hostel:

Taihu Craft beer – Da’an district

Zhang men brewing – Da’an district

Taipei Brewery – Zhongshan district

Jolly Brewery + Restaurant – Zhongzheng district 


I have been told by many locals that Taiwanese do not have much of a palate for craft beer, I have observed locals just order food from what the brewery offers, and if locals order brews from the menu, locals usually drink modestly, complete opposite of the  American way of drinking, where a couple of brews is just getting started. So grab a few friends , or if you prefer your solitude, you won’t be disappointed with Taiwan’s growing market of microbreweries.

craft beer taiwan


craft beer taiwan

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