Taiwan, Stand Up!

After starting the language event with Kelly, we saw our biggest turnout this time around. 
We had about 20 people come through and join us. Wanting to challenge the participants
a bit more this time around, I set the theme for “taking a stance.”

We had a peaceful debate of sorts. Most of the participants were happy to have a space 
to express how they felt about certain controversial topics. 
Here it was good to see people challenging themselves by saying their 
feelings directly. Without worrying about what other people were saying. 
They just let loose their thoughts and allowed themselves to take a stance.

Afterwards many said to me that they appreciated the space to speak on serious 
topics and not withhold what they were feeling out of fear of hurting others’ feelings
or worrying about how their opinion would affect the atmosphere.

It was illuminating to see everyone use a language that wasn’t their own to express 
their deeper feelings. For me it reinforced that if you give people an opportunity or the space,
they will use it appropriately.

Towards the end I passed the baton onto Steve. A former staff member of Homey Hostel
and now living in Taipei as an English teacher. He’ll be leading the event every week from 
April 2018. To sign up simply head on over to Homey Hostel’s Facebook page. Or send 
an email directly to kelly@homeyhostel.com

For those that are learning English, these types of events allow you to build your 
conversation skills with native speakers. At this event you’ll be able to practice in a 
space where mistakes are allowed. The focus is not on how proper your English is, 
but rather what you have to say.

>>> Click here to sign up for the weekly English conversation practice with native speakers

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