Taipei short term rental

Why book a Taipei Short-Term Rental at Homey Hostel

You just arrive in Taiwan and you’re looking for a Taipei short-term rental?

You are thinking to stay in town for a while but do not want to pay an arm and a leg for a hotel room? You are looking for a Taipei furnished apartment but you will not stay long enough to sign a year-long lease?

Whether you are a student in Taipei for an internship or a working traveler who wish to explore deeper our tremendous capital, finding a suitable temporary accommodation in Taipei city can be stressful. 

To avoid you some headaches, we provide you short-term renting offer that meets your needs.

Here are just a few things why staying at Homey hostel will make your stay enjoyable and authentic:

1. A well-located hostel in Taipei

Taipei short term rental

The first thing on your mind when you are searching for a Taipei short-term rental is the location. Like most people, you probably search for a centrally located hostel within walking distance to MRT and bus stations as well as popular tourist areas.

Here we are! At only 5 minutes walk away from Taipei Main Station and Zhongshan Station, our hostel is well conveniently located in Zhongzheng District.

Did you know that, for travelers, Zhongzheng District – more precisely around Taipei Main Station – is one of the best places to stay in Taipei?

It’s because besides sheltering some of Taipei’s most popular attractions, such as Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Huashan 1914 creative park or the National Taiwan Museum, Zhongzheng District is pretty well-connected to the rest of the city through Taipei Main Station. For example, taking the Red Line (Tamsui-Xinyi) there, you can easily get to Shilin Night Market and Taipei 101.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that many restaurants, street food spots, and shops are present around our hostel? 😉

2. Flexible lease terms

Taipei short term rental

For some people, a basic one-or two-year apartment lease doesn’t match. People such as students who are doing a study semester in Taipei, travelers who want to take the time to discover the capital for several weeks or professionals on business trip needs more flexible housing options.

At Homey hostel, we’re flexible. We adjust our lease term according to your needs.

Are you looking for accommodation in Taipei for a short-term between 1 and 3 months?

Our short-term rental lease applies to anyone who wants to stay in Homey hostel more than 30 days. Depending on how many days you wish to stay at our hostel, we will charge you the proportionate amount, discount included.

We also can deduct the room fee of the days you don’t stay in Homey. You just need to notify us beforehand.

3. No security deposit needed

Taipei short term rental deposit

As in most countries, deposits are standard practice in Taiwan. The landlord usually asks for one to three months rent as a security deposit in the lease contract.

Most of the cases, this deposit is fully refundable at the end of your contract, if you haven’t caused any damage in your apartment.

But sometimes, it happens that the landlord tries to scam the tenant for non-existent “penalties” or, in the worst case, the landlord was a fake one…

At Homey, we don’t require a room deposit AT ALL. So you don’t have to worry that your landlord refuses to return you the security deposit when the lease expires.

4. A Taipei short-term rental with utilities and WiFi included

Homey Hostel utilities

In Homey hostel, you don’t have to pay any extremely expensive utility fees or worry about internet speed. All utility bills (electricity, water, internet) are included in our rent so you only have to make one payment a month.

All rooms include free and fast WiFi so you can stay connected with the outside world and feel at home. For your comfort, we have equipped our rooms with a personal lockable storage, international plug sockets, and bed lamp. Our comfortable beds come with bed linen, blankets, and comfy pillow.

On each floor, you will find toilets as well as shared bathrooms with free hand soap, shower gel, shampoo and hair dryers.

You also have access to all our other common area and other facilities such as a laundry, computers, free tourists information, not to mention a fully equipped kitchen.

To start the day right getting out of bed for a hearty breakfast. It’s free and served every day between 8:30 – 10:30 am!

5. Enjoy a fully equipped kitchen

Taipei short term rental kitchen

With all the things you can do with food, having the right kitchen utensils when you stay in a new country makes life a lot easier and feel like at home. That’s why at Homey, we decided to put at your disposal a fully equipped kitchen.

Whether you want to cook dishes from your own country, warm up a quickly prepared meal or cook delicious Taiwanese dishes, our kitchen has everything – or almost – you need!

Kitchen utensils, plates, bowls, salad bowl, pans, wok, kitchen hob, microwave, oven, two fridges, toaster, blender, make your choice.

6. We take your safety very seriously

Taipei short term rental

Because at Homey hostel your safety is our number one priority, we have successfully passed 16 strict laws to get a hostel legal license. We follow the government’s regulations and are inspected every year in order to ensure standards of fire safety, public safety, and sanitation.

Every floor is fitted with fire-resistant walls and doors, smoke alarms, emergency PA systems, fire hoses, and escape equipment.

The security for building occupants and assets is ensured by a security guard working 24/7, downstairs at the entrance of the building.

Are you afraid of stealing your belongings when you travel or share a room?

Our rooms are accessible only by magnetic key card, and every guest has his own storage locker for keeping their valuables. We also have security cameras in our common areas.

We ensure you that such optimal security conditions are not easy to find when you are looking for a Taipei short-term rental.

7. No cleaning and maintenance to do

Homey Hostel staff

A clean place to live means more than just having a sparkling, fresh home. A clean place also ensures your safety and health. At Homey, our fantastic staff work every day to ensure that you enjoy your stay in our clean, safe, and secure hostel.

This would be different if you wish to stay in a private apartment rented from a landlord. You would have to pay household fees for common areas and clean up your apartment by yourself.

8. Chill in a spacious and comfy public area

Homey Hostel lobby

Recently renovated, our spacious living space has been designed so that you can relax and work properly. Grab a spot on comfy sofas or platform to chat with friends, read a book or watch a movie. Speaking about books, some about Taipei and its surroundings are at your disposal as well as 2 self-service computers. WiFi is, of course, available in all the area.

We also offer a great selection of craft beers and other soft drinks that you can that you can drink to quench your thirst during an exiting foosball party.

9. Weekly activities and events

Homey Hostel event

Deep into Taiwanese culture and enjoy your time with us!

Our staff organizes activities and events every week in order for you to meet other travelers and locals. For example, every Monday, you can join our guide to enjoy discoveries of awesome local restaurants to try authentic and unique Taiwanese street food (the tour is free but you need to pay to feed your stomach ;)).

Be sure to check the activity boards at the front desk on our Facebook page and do not hesitate to ask our staff information about it.

There’s always something fun to do at Homey Hostel!

10. Last but foremost, meet people from all over the world!

Taipei short term rental

If you’re looking for a likeminded travel buddy to explore Taipei or just want to quickly make new friends, you are in the right place!

We know that meeting new people is essential when you are traveling or when you decide to move abroad. That’s why decided to create a friendly atmosphere with free social events to help you make new friends from all over the world.

So, come, grab a beer, sign up to our events and enjoy your stay at Homey Hostel 😉



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