Taipei Night Market

No visit to Taiwan is complete without a visit to a night market. The best nightlife in Taipei is found at food market. The country has a penchant for snacking and a desire to eat with friends all night long. Although night markets are traditionally a Chinese phenomenon, Taiwan’s scene has grown to be considered one of the best in the world. Taiwan’s night markets initially began as informal vendor meetings, where merchants would get together and sell their wares. These groupings eventually turned into more formal night markets. Now, visitors will find great Chinese food mixed with Taiwanese food, and that’s because of history—at the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1950, general Chiang Kai-Shek retreated to Taiwan, bringing along more than two million people and some of mainland China’s best chefs. 

To get a real Taiwanese experience, skip the convenience stores and head out on the town for a night market snacking excursion. This are few popular night market for local and tourist.


This is one of the biggest Taipei night markets, and one of the most famous night markets in Taiwan. You’ll find menus in English and Japanese, and it’s easy to access, being right next to the MRT Red Line’s Jian Tian stop.
That said, it’s mostly underground now, which I personally think is less atmospheric, and its popularity with tourists means that sometimes you get a more sanitized (and watered-down) version of local favorites. Check the nearby sprawl of streets for more culinary options.
Nearest station: MRT Red Line Jiantan station
 Inspired by Japanese Takoyaki. The local called it Zhangyu Shao. Average price is 100NTD per box. Contain huge 3 pieces of octopus.
 Fresh grill meat but it’s a bit pricey small portion. Average price is 100NTD per 100 gram. 
 Famous local desert called Chelun Bing which is Wheel Cake with Red Bean inside. Average price will be 10NTD-15NTD per piece

Taipei Shida Market

This Taipei night market is not as centralized, and there’s less food and more fashion shops and other hipster stuff since it’s next to a university.
That said, its location means that it draws a younger crowd of students and can be interesting for people watching as well. You’ll also find more coffee and sandwich/burger shops here and there. Out of all the Taipei night markets listed here, this is the hippest.
Nearest station: MRT Green line Taipower Building Station
 Juicy And Huge mushroom. Xing Bao Gu. Average price is around 100NTD-150NTD
 “Bird” egg known as quill egg and Anchun Dan for local. Average 20NTD to 30NTD per stick.

Often called Taiwan’s Harajuku (a hip area of Tokyo), Ximending is one of those frantic hubs of youth-culture that pulses with noise and neon. Lots of food and shopping to be had here, as well.

Instead a food stall, Ximending offer a small restaurant for you to enjoy the food. Average price is between 50NTD-120NTD. It is quite pricey but for me you get what you paid here, Especially to touristic area.

Most popular food/snack in Taiwan. Very popular for local known as Cho Do Fu or in english is stinky tofu. When I mention STINKY it’s mean really STINK. For foreigner either you like it or hate it. There’s no IT’S ALRIGHT comment. For me, i never try since the smell always stopping me to try it. 

Night markets are places that tourists will never skip whenever we travel to Taiwan. Great bargains at very affordable prices? Check! Wide range of irresistibly delectable local fare and street snacks? Check! Experience the local culture and night life, hanging out with Taiwanese locals? Check! We can’t think of a reason not to hit the night markets. Calories don’t count when you’re overseas and having good food will put you in a good mood. Complete your trip by heading to at least one night market when you visit Taiwan! Have a blast!

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