Looking for a place to experience the nightlife in Taipei and party all night long? Offering an awesome nightlife scene, one thing is for sure, Taipei has plenty of places to keep you entertained. Whether by its atmosphere, the type of music, its decoration, the drinks offered or the clientele (students, locals or foreigners), each club and bar that we present in this article is unique. Various theme nights or events are organized in clubs and bars like the famous Ladies Nights which takes place every…Continue Reading “Nightlife in Taipei: 7 Best Nightlife Venues in Taipei”

I don’t know about you, but one of my greatest difficulties while traveling is finding a good way to get a work out in. Often, I’m caught in the dilemma of whether I even should work out… On one hand, I’m on vacation and thus deserve a chance to relax, but on the other hand, I’m often eating so much food that my body starts to crave physical activity. When you’re in a new city, however, it can be hard to find good options to…Continue Reading “How to Work Out in Taipei Without Having To Pay”

I’ve already said that the Riverside Park system is one of my favorite things about Taipei, but with a Riverside this extensive, it can be hard to decide which is the best portion to hit up if you only have a little bit of time. In this post, I’ll offer you 12 interesting suggestions of where to go and what to do along the Riverside. Starting from the south end of the Riverside… 1. Taipei Zoo and the Maokong Gondola Located at the southern terminus…Continue Reading “Raving About Taipei’s Riverside Part 2: Where to Go and What to Do”

Words cannot describe how in love I am with Taipei’s system of Riverside Parks. In the past two months that I’ve been living in Taipei, the Riverside system has become my favorite part of the city – and where I try to spend as much of my time as possible. Every time I hit the Riverside, I discover something new, and I am thoroughly convinced it’s the best way to be outdoors without having to go too far away from Taipei. Here are a few…Continue Reading “Raving About Taipei’s Riverside”

As any true traveler knows, the best souvenirs are of the eating variety. On my trip to Taipei, after indulging in high-end restaurants and rubbing shoulders with locals at night markets, I decided some Taiwanese treats needed to be at the top of my souvenir shopping list. If you’re similarly on the search for the best foodie mementos, here’s what to buy and where to buy it. Everybody favorite 7-11 The ubiquitous presence of 7-11 convenience stores is remarkable, comparable to the presence of Starbucks in US cities….Continue Reading “Best Snack to Bring Back from Taiwan.”

No visit to Taiwan is complete without a visit to a night market. The best nightlife in Taipei is found at food market. The country has a penchant for snacking and a desire to eat with friends all night long. Although night markets are traditionally a Chinese phenomenon, Taiwan’s scene has grown to be considered one of the best in the world. Taiwan’s night markets initially began as informal vendor meetings, where merchants would get together and sell their wares. These groupings eventually turned into more formal night markets. Now, visitors…Continue Reading “Taipei Night Market”

Taiwan is well known for their snacks, which you can get anywhere, and it’s the same for fried chicken. Since I started living in Taiwan 3 months ago, many people told me how good their fried chicken is. I was not really interested in it since I had previously been living in South Korea, which is notorious for eating more fried chicken than any other Asian country does.                                   …Continue Reading “Checking On Fried Chicken! Taiwan Edition!!!”

Vegetarian is not a new word for me. But being a vegetarian in Taiwan??? This is not a question I had ever thought about before. Taiwan is well-known as a food heaven, but most Taiwanese diets and dishes contain meat or at least some animal by-products. But apparently, I was wrong. I’ve been here in Homey for almost 3 months, where I met a German named Jasper, who has been a vegetarian for almost 10 years. Jasper has already been living in Taiwan for over…Continue Reading “Being Vegetarian In Taiwan”

One month in Taipei and I’ve learned a lot.  A lot about the city, Taiwanese people and myself. I hope to share a few of these lessons in today’s post.  In my most recent live show with Homey Hostel, I took a stroll around the block. Starting off at 50 Lan with a classic  milk tea bubble tea, owner, Kelly, and I began our journey. We passed by a few local restaurants where you can see the well-known cheap and affordable meals Taiwan is known for.  For…Continue Reading “Taiwan From Foreign Eyes”

Kindness is drought level worldwide. Except in Taiwan. It’s abundant here. Taiwanese people take it on themselves to show you, the foreigner,  their country as if they were official representatives.  While they’re probably more friendly with foreigners than fellow natives,  their kindness goes a long way. My latest experience with this high-level kindness was in a Taipei hair salon.  My head was massaged to a distant astral plane and my ears were cleaned  smooth as a baby’s butt-cheek. Beyond the actual service itself, the smiles …Continue Reading “Why is Taiwan #1? Hair Heaven! Traditional Taiwanese Hair Salon”