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One of the biggest reasons people come to Taipei, apart from visiting is that they are trying to study Chinese, our very own Homey hostel, is full of students(me included), hoping to become fluent in the artful tongue that is Chinese. I will list the four best ways you can use once in Taipei to make the most of your studies.

1. Go to school

This is the most common and best way to study Chinese. It is also a big help if you come from a country where getting a visa might be a little complicated, a student visa is a good way to reach your destination and do some learning too. There are many schools you can choose from. I would recommend TCA thanks to Homey hostel their courses come with a 10% discount.


2. Language exchange

The second best way to study Chinese in Taipei is to do a language exchange. Fortunately for you, whatever language you speak there is someone in Taiwan willing to learn it and teach some Chinese in return. Homey Hostel also offers Chinese language exchange, register here for a chance to participate.


3. Just speak

There are plenty of occasions to study Chinese when you’re out and about. Taiwanese people are very friendly and would be more than happy to talk to you. You can learn a thing or two with each conversation and possibly make new friends.


4. Online learning

There are tones of online websites that you can choose to study Chinese whether it is with a coach on skype through websites like italki, Verbling, and Busuu. Fees to learn with these coaches vary from one to another but it is generally around the $10 mark. You can also use apps such as Memrise, Hello Chinese, Pleco, Chillingo and learn Chinese mandarin, which in my opinion are the five best apps out there. You can then take everything you’ve learned from either coaching or apps and practice on your next adventure in Taipei.

We all know how important the Chinese language is. It can open so many doors professionally. But it doesn’t have to be so serious, you may learn for your own benefit, either way, while you do it, the best way is to practice on a daily basis and what better than to come to a country like Taiwan to do so. Take the leap and come make the best of your learning here in Taiwan.

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