Join a social group in Taipei

Join a social group in Taipei

Unless you are traveling with family or friends, traveling in a foreign country can be very lonely and sometimes alienating. I guess Taipei is no different. My suggestion to join a social club in Taipei came out of my own situation. It was very reassuring to be able to connect with people that have the same interest as I do. In my case it was writing but it could be anything. Here are a few options available:

There was no way I could write this article without mentioning this website is great for all sorts of meeting: business, social, education. Hiking, dancing, writing, drawing… You name it they have it. Most meetups are free but if participation requires a fee, it is usually very cheap. meetup is definitely a top place to join a social group in Taipei.

If any hostel helps you join a social group in Taipei it is Homey hostel. They have a variety of activities that you can join, good opportunities to meet great people too. You can go hiking on the Neihu Jinmianshan trail, they meet at homey every Saturday at 9 am or you can join our calligraphy class every … at … in our lobby. Homey also has language exchange, tea culture experience, food tours and many other activities.

World Gym

This one is a different way to join a social group in Taipei but if you fancy working up a sweat and meeting people, Worldgym is the place for you. They have many classes, from dancing, to yoga, body pump and cycling. It’s not the cheapest place, memberships are around 1000NTD a month or 650NTD a day, but they have everything a gym should offer, including saunas.

There is an unlimited amount of activities you can do around Taipei with all sorts of people. You just have to get out there and give it a go. Homey Hostel is a good start, there are 100% chances that you will meet a foreigner like yourself.

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