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Taipei is filled with endless new retail shops, local markets and shopping malls. What these entrepreneurs share is an interest in seeking a quality way of life, and the differences in their findings can be seen in what they sell.

While shopping in Taipei for souvenirs to bring back home, don’t forget to chat with the shop owners. their vision and unique insight will tell something more about the brand and their products! In Taipei, while design stores showcase immense creativity of the younger generation, traditional marketplaces are where you can experience taiwanese’s day-to-day life. Get to know Chinese dried foods and spices in the small shops of Dihua Street and and be surprised by Taiwanese creativity at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.

From arty souvenirs to luxury designer shops, not to mention local and gourmet goods, we’ve put together a list of our favorite places where to shop in Taipei!

Shopping in Taipei: Best places to find unique and locals souvenirs

Shifen Street (赤峰街) : Shop creative and cultural goods in an old urban district

Shopping in Taipei

Originally known as “Iron Street” due to the many scrap dealers lined in the street, Shifen has changed dramatically and is now an artistic urban area very popular with hipsters and Taipei’ young people.

Shifen Street
A scrap dealer shop in Shifen Old Street – Credits

Located near MRT Zhongshan Station, Shifen pedestrian street is full of small arty shops, cafes and restaurants hidden in narrow streets and alleys.

When you walk around this area you will find surprises on every street corner! The mix of old-fashioned businesses such as metal forging shops, boutiques specializing in handcrafts products, small cafes and street art covering walls in the alleys gives to this neighborhood an artistic and cultural atmosphere.

The history, the numerous arty shops and cozy cafes with sweet homemade pastries make Shifen Street one of Taipei’s most interesting areas and a perfect place for an afternoon shopping 😉


Dihua Street Shophouses

Shopping in Taipei - Dihua
A shop selling different products in Dihua Street

Located in Dadaocheng, Dihua Street is lined with shophouses, which have narrow facades but extend back far from the street. Each has a shop there selling different products such as Chinese herbal medicines, tea, fabrics, cultural creative gifts and regional specialty goods.

All shops together form a unique cityscape showcase of early-style townhouses. Dihua Street is more than just a nice place where to go shopping in Taipei. It’s also an opportunity to admire the architectural mix of the buildings.

You turn your head in all directions and are captivated by the beauty, the original architecture of the buildings and the atmosphere that reigns in this old neighborhood full of history.

Fujin Street: peaceful and trendy neighborhood loved by coffee lovers

fujin street taipei

Located in a fast-growing residential area of Taipei these last years, Fujin Street is a place of quaint charm, unknown by most of the tourist in Taipei.

Here, stylish designer boutiques and trendy cafes line along Fujin Street, in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The many designer and interior design shops make it a popular fashion destination. Speaking of fashion, do not miss the famous Japanese shop “BEAMS”, one of the most popular shops on Fujin Street! Continue your shopping session by turning in one of the alleys of Fujin Street to discover “Fun Fun Town”, a unique concept store filled with trendy products, traditional handicrafts and designer furniture from around the world.

But what about Fujin’s coffee shops? Coffee-lovers will be happy to learn that Fujin Street will soon become one of their favorite spot in Taipei. “Cafe Mode”, “Pausa”, “Petit Provence”, not to mention the famous “Fujin Tree 353 Cafe” (do not miss the “Dark Brown Sugar Latte”, a delight), you’re spoiled for choice!

If you wonder where to shopping in Taipei, Fujin Street offers you a different side to Taipei’s creative and artsy goods besides being perfect for laid-back afternoon walk.


Songshan Cultural and Creative Park: inspire and nurture your creativity

Shopping in Taipei Songshan
Some goods from Taiwanese designers

Located at Taipei Xinyi District Songshan Cultural and Creative Park is one of the largest creative arts complexes in Taipei. Formerly a Japanese tobacco factory, known for its cigars, tobacco and liquors, this space has been renovated, transformed and modernized into an artistic venue to host various cultural and creative exhibitions.

Besides arts shows, gallery exhibits, and even music concerts, you can find there some shop selling unique souvenirs as customizable wooden craft, postcards and a ton of incredible Taiwanese designer goods.

Need a break during your shopping? Enjoy a comfy and peaceful moment in one of the park’s cafes such as Liuli Gong Fang cafe! Outside the factory you can also have a walk along a beautiful Ecology Pond.

Address: No. 133, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110

Bring back delicious taiwanese sweets!

Chia Te Bakery: One of the best pineapple cake in Taipei

Shopping in Taipei Pineapple Cake

In Taiwan, pineapple cakes are become one of the most sought-after souvenir that can be found on the island. It’s impossible not to have heard about it when you are looking for souvenirs during shopping in Taipei. 

Established in 1975, Chia Te Bakery has become today one of Taiwan’s best-known pineapple cake gift brands. Known for its pineapple pastry/cake products according to an authentic recipe and natural ingredients, Chia Te is as popular with locals as tourists in Taipei.

There you can find the best pineapple cakes and delicacies (like wife cake, sun cake or milk cake) with lots of different flavours and high quality.

Be careful though! When you bite in once, it’s impossible to resist finishing the whole package so much the ratio of pastry to filling is just right. Crispy outside while juicy inside, making a moment of heaven for all your tastebuds.

A little advice: as it’s always crowded in the weekend, we recommend you to visit Chia Te during the weekdays to avoid queuing too long 😉

Address: Chia Te Bakery – No. 88, Section 5, Nanjing East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, 105


Sugar & Spice: bring home the Taiwan’s famous French nougat

We already know that Taipei has a very rich culinary culture with abundance of delicious snacks. But have you ever heard of this sweet little treat, mellow and crispy at the same time, called nougat?

Let’s go to Sugar & Spice, one of the best bakery selling nougat in Taipei!

Known for using only high quality ingredients (natural French butter and California almonds) with no preservatives, this bakery is definitely worth a stop during your journey shopping in Taipei. Their nougats are available in several flavors such as honey nougat, matcha, strawberry, toffee, including the original French recipe. It’s also possible to compose an assortment of nougat according to your tastes, all packed in a beautiful packaging. Perfect for a nice souvenir to bring back to your friends!

Address: SUGAR SPICE Dunhua S. Store – No. 158, Sec1, Dunhua S.Rd. Da’an District, Taipei City 106, Taiwan


Suncakes, sweets for sunning your day

A suncake, or Tai yang bing (太陽餅), is a popular Taiwanese dessert made out of butter, originally from Taichung, a city located in center-western of Taiwan.

This tasty dessert, which people usually eat with tea, is called like this by the locals because the pastry shape look exactly like a sun. With its leafy paste on the outside and its maltose filling (condensed malt sugar), this little sweetness makes your taste buds vibrate with each bite.

In Taipei, you can find several famous brand selling Suncakes but the ones from Sunbooth are the best.

Be careful though if you want to bring Suncakes back to your friends or at home! As the dough is quite fragile, we recommend carrying them by hand during your trip and not put them in your suitcase. Otherwise, they would all crumble…

Address: 100台北市中正區北平西路3號1樓

Shopping in Taipei: the shopping malls

Taipei Handicraft Promotion Centre

Taipei Handicraft Promotion Centre

Are you looking for a perfect place in Taipei to buy traditional Taiwanese souvenirs without running all around the city? Taiwan Handicraft Promotion Center is one of the best places to go. Since 1958, this huge shopping center includes many traditional products from good quality Taiwanese crafts at very affordable prices.

Do not know what to offer to your friends or family? Ask the merchants for help! Beautiful porcelain bowls, wooden toys, pairs of chopsticks, piece of local art or even local gourmet products, they will be delighted to help you find the perfect gift!

Address: No. 1, Xuzhou Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100


Eslite Xinyi, the biggest bookstore in Taiwan

Located near the Taipei City Hall MRT Station, this massive bookstore offers a collection of more than one million books, gathered within eight floors, making it the largest bookstore in Taiwan. In this book paradise, you will find various books from around the world, grouped by category and type of bookstore: Japanese bookstore, a bookstore about gastronomy, arts bookstore, children’s bookstore and more.

Eslite also offers a wide selection of English books as well as various local gourmet products, designer creations and many souvenirs. With its wide opening hours, we love to chill in this huge library, reading exciting  books accompanied by a cafe latte, especially on rainy days 😉

Address: No. 11號, Songgao Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110


Taipei 101 mall

Shopping in Taipei - Taipei 101 mall

The Taipei 101 Tower, well known in Taiwan and around the world, has a 6-storey shopping center with many luxury shops and gourmet restaurants, making it one of the capital’s most luxurious shopping centers.

A real must-see for travelers, this place is also for people wishing to go shopping in Taipei with major international brands such as Versace, Armani, Montblanc, Chanel or Dior. Clothes, handbags, books, food, you will find everything on almost three floors dedicated to shopping. You will also appreciate the elegance of the shopping center with its architecture, superb marble columns and beautiful floor-to-ceiling decoration!

Address: No. 7, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110


We hope this list will help you in your day shopping in Taipei and allow you to find great souvenirs to bring back to your family and friends or just to treat yourself 😉

You either have favorite addresses that you want to share? Write them in comments!


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