shopping clothes in wufenpu distict

Go Crazy Shopping Clothes in Wufenpu!

Looking for a shopping destination? If you are into shopping clothes and are on a budget, then here’s a recommendation for you. Wufenpu is a whole district with small shops selling different kinds of fashion, usually a lot cheaper then the department stores. It’s also located near to Raohe Nightmarket, and a nice spot at the riverside, here is Homey’s half-day-trip suggestion for you!

How to get there

Let’s start with directions;
Homey is located near two MRT stations (One for Red and Blue Line, one for Red and Green Line), for this trip please head to Zhongshan Station, Exit 6 at Chengde Street is the closest entrance. Take the MRT heading for Songshan Station (Green Line) and exit at the final station Songshan, which takes about 20 minutes. There are signs reading “Wufenpu Wholsesale District”, just follow them, surface, head over the street and enter the shopping paradise!

Wufenpu Shopping

The district is like a little maze, clothes at every corner and now and then a food or tea drink shop will appear in front of you. Our recommendation are little cakes and some lemon fused cold tea, but it depends what the local stalls will offer that day. For the best Wufenpu shopping experience, it’s best to remember some tips:

  • best don’t enter the interior of shops with food (or keep it in a bag to be safe)
  • usually there’s no way to try on the clothes, visual estimation has to do
  • please don’t make a mess of the clothes stuffed in boxes on the ground. the shop keepers have their own system to get you a new version of the clothes you want, just let them get it for you
  • there’s often clothes on sale in front of the store
  • no bargaining. The prices are set (and mostly already pretty cheap)


shopping chinese slogan clothes

By the way, it’s also a nice place to buy some souvenir T-Shirts with “I love Taiwan” or funny Chinese script written on it. As always, it’s best to take a local or Chinese speaking person with you for shopping, some of these clothes have the equivalent of “I’m not lazy, I just don’t want to move” and slogans like that written on it. Better be safe than sorry before you upset someone right? ;D

Wufenpu clothes shopping district Wufenpu clothes shopping district

Wufenpu clothes shopping district



Drink Tea and Enjoy the Riverside

After completing your shopping duty, you’re bound to be a little exhausted. It’s a good time to grab some tea (with or without bubbles) and take a stroll at the nearby riverside. The Rainbowbridge is very nice to look at and super “instagrammable”, also the sunset there is really nice… last time Homey staff went there, a lot of people were using the place for a group barbecue and a bird tamer was training and photographing his parrot, so there’s always something interesting to people-watch. Also there are a lot of small installments and artworks to see. You can also come back at night, when the bridge is illuminated and appears in a different light.


Rainbowbridge near Wufenpu shopping district


Stroll over Raohe Nightmarket

Around 18:00 to 18:30 the Raohe Nightmarket opens for you. At this early time, it’s less crowded and it’s a lot more relaxed to choose your food. Our recommendation is peanut icecream and sweet potato fries, and of course some fried stinky tofu for maximum local experience. Or take the food to Homey lobby¬†and share with everybody! People here are used to stinky tofu smell ;D

If the nightmarket is not open yet, you can go and take a look around in Cihyou Temple, located right next to the entrance of the market. It’s quite big and really beautiful to look at.

Cihyou temple near shopping district

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