Winter in Taipei? 5 insider things to do on a rainy day

As you may already know, winter in Taipei is not that cold, but you do need to bring an umbrella with you! So after a humid hot summer, be prepared for rainy days (or weeks) winter months. But no worries, there’s still a lot you can do even in winter. Here are some rainy day tips for you!

1. Make your own desert

Thanks to Taipei’s excellent MRT System, it’s actually easy to spend your time underground and keep dry. But it’s a lot more fun with a destination in mind. And what could be better than treating yourself with some confectionery to keep your spirits on a rainy day?
After an about 25 minutes train ride, you reach 自己做 烘焙聚樂部 (Zijizuo Hongbei Ju Le Bu) where you can spent wonderful 3 hours making your own dessert. Have fun with friends there or spent some me-time decorating your treat before you enjoy the taste.

A reservation is needed, so if you checked the weather forecast best ask a friend or hostel staff to help you make a reservation.
Take the MRT  red line from Taipei Main Station or Zhongshan towad Tamsui, get off at Jiantan Station and brace the rain via Jihe Road.

Address: 100台北市中正區忠孝西路一段66號

rainy day baking

2. Hang out with people in Homey Lobby

There is a reason why Homey’s lobby is so popular. It’s just so cozy! And there’s really always someone to hang out or sharpen your languages skills with.

You can also join one of many Homey events. In September, there’s Calligraphy Class, Chinese Cooking class, Taiwanese Tea Culture Experience or one of the many Language Tables in the evening. If you like a more quiet activity, pour yourself a cup of free tea and choose a book from the little library. Or play guitar. Sing a song. Drink Taiwanese beer. Show other guests your local cuisine and make your own little cooking or backing event.

calligraphy on a rainy day

3. Go shopping at a department store

The closest choice would be the Xin Guang San Yue 新光三越.
Just 10 minutes walking distance from Homey Hostel, you can enter a paradise of luxury brands and fancy stuff. If you don’t intend to actually go shopping, you might as well treat it like an art exhibition. Go window shopping and treat yourself to some small affordable snack, and take a lot of photos to share with your friends.

Just as  near are the underground malls of Taipei Main Station and Zhongshan Station, which are connected with each other. It’s like a labyrinth with direction signs, so just see where your feet will get you. It might take a little bit of searching, but you will find your way back.

If you feel adventurous, you can also use the MRT and aim for stores farther away. A sight-seeing must is the Taipei 101, which also has numerous department stores located nearby and a underground mall maze as well. Even without getting above ground, you can go (window) shopping to your heart’s content and escape any rainy day.

4. Educate yourself at a museum

Interested in modern art? Visit 台北當代藝術館MOCA Taipei, located just 7 minutes away from Homey Hostel – even a rainy day won’t stop you from going there!
The MOCA once was an elementary school and was transformed to an art museum. There are different exhibitions which always vary, there is no “fixed exhibition”, and some of the more sturdy artworks are placed outside. So if you stay longer in Taipei, or are a returner, there’s something new to see every few months.

rainy day karaoke

5. Go to Karaoke

This is actually a must-do at least once in Taiwan, it doesn’t have to be a rainy day. It’s just as much a part of social life to go to karaoke than going to a club. Karaoke Bars near Homey hostel are for example 星聚點KTV 台北旗艦館 or 大方咖啡簡餐卡拉OK. But a quick Google search will produce a lot of options for you to choose from, with varying degrees of services. it’s best to go with a group and grab some drinks, most stores also offer something to eat – from snacks to entire dishes – and prices vary. Please be aware that there won’t be much Western songs on the playlist! It’s more fun to try yourself on some Chinese lyrics anyway ;D

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