Join a social group in Taipei Unless you are traveling with family or friends, traveling in a foreign country can be very lonely and sometimes alienating. I guess Taipei is no different. My suggestion to join a social club in Taipei came out of my own situation. It was very reassuring to be able to connect with people that have the same interest as I do. In my case it was writing but it could be anything. Here are a few options available:…Continue Reading “Join a social group in Taipei”

Grocery shopping! Although Taipei is really cheap when it comes to food. If you plan to stay longer than a few days and would like to do the cooking yourself from time to time, it’s important to know where to shop and to know the different options available to you. 7-11 was always going to be first on the list. It is the most common and most popular convenience store around. They differ in sizes so you can find more or less the same in…Continue Reading “Guide to grocery shopping in Taipei”

One of the biggest reasons people come to Taipei, apart from visiting is that they are trying to study Chinese, our very own Homey hostel, is full of students(me included), hoping to become fluent in the artful tongue that is Chinese. I will list the four best ways you can use once in Taipei to make the most of your studies. 1. Go to school This is the most common and best way to study Chinese. It is also a big help if you come…Continue Reading “Study chinese in Taipei”

Maokong Maokong mountain is one of many mountains in Taipei. The mountain is riddled with tea houses, you can taste the tea that was grown on Maokong itself as you rest after completing a long trail. The views and wildlife will not disappoint as they are in abundance. So put on your most comfortable shoes and make your way there. Like every mountain, it is possible to go up Maokong by hiking from all the way down, but most people use the famous gondolas.  …Continue Reading “Maokong”

How to go to the national park called Kenting from Taipei. There are many ways to make your way to the Hawaii of Taiwan. It is a long ride as both places are at the extremities of the country, but the scenery is definitely worth the journey. In order for you to arrive in Kenting in the best way possible, let me breakdown the different ways you can take reach it. Without further ado, the first mode of transport for Taipei to Kenting is: 1….Continue Reading “Taipei to Kenting”

Amongst many things, Taipei is known for its hot weather. With temperatures very often passed 30 degrees, it is useful to know what to do under the sweltering hot sun.   First of all, any soul brave enough to go through a hot day in Taipei deserves an ice cream and what else than Ice Monster for some shaved ice. Head to Da’an district to taste their myriad of flavors; mango, strawberry, kiwi and more. Head to their website to find out more.   After…Continue Reading “What to do on a hot day in Taipei”

Dadaocheng Wharf   Two years ago Dadaocheng wharf was not a place many people associated as pleasant, it used to be deserted and full of mosquitos, but now things have changed. It is a great riverside park. It has everything, from fast food to vending machines, and endless benches by the water to take someone special on a romantic date or just friends or even alone. For those who love a good workout, there are a few basketball courts, tennis courts, and bars for those…Continue Reading “Dadaocheng Wharf”

Oolong tea experience at Homey       You haven’t really traveled to Taipei if you haven’t done some sort of tea experience. Within so many activities tea tasting is one of my favorite things to do at Homey Hostel. Usually served by our very own Jeffrey (photographed above) the experience includes not only tasting but a whole detailed session explaining how it is served. Lucky for you dear reader I have the whole process here for you. Follow this step by step and you…Continue Reading “Oolong tea experience at Homey”

Things to do around Taipei main station Taiwan is a great example of the old meeting with the new. It isn’t uncommon to see a temple facing a mall, pagoda roofs towering above apartment buildings. Taipei is no exception to this, it’s probably where that happens the most since it’s the capital and probably the most modern city in Taiwan. This is why we will use Taipei main station as our central point of focus.   Q Square Mall Is the first thing to around…Continue Reading “Things to do around Taipei Main Station”

Taipei short term rental

10 things I love about HOMEY HOSTEL   1.Location, Location, Location Have I mentioned the location? Homey is perfectly situated. A minute away from the vast Taipei city mall, 10 minutes from Taipei main station and its vast shopping area. There you can find local and international brands (if you’re already homesick) more food than you could possibly taste. I would personally recommend the Hujiao bing (pork buns) they’re so good people queue for them, but then again people queue for most things in Taipei….Continue Reading “10 things I love about Homey Hostel”