Looking for an exciting one-day-trip? How about visiting the harbor city Keelung City? Convenient to reach by local trains and by bus, you can see an awesome coastline, go to visit a marine museum, take photos of super colorful city coastline and take a stroll over the nightmarket with the freshest seafood in the region – maybe with other guests or even a guide from homey hostel!

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shopping clothes in wufenpu distict

Looking for a shopping destination? If you are into shopping clothes and are on a budget, then here’s a recommendation for you. Wufenpu is a whole district with small shops selling different kinds of fashion, usually a lot cheaper then the department stores. It’s also located near to Raohe Nightmarket, and a nice spot at the riverside, here is Homey’s half-day-trip suggestion for you!

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As you may already know, winter in Taipei is not that cold, but you do need to bring an umbrella with you! So after a humid hot summer, be prepared for rainy days (or weeks) winter months. But no worries, there’s still a lot you can do even in winter. Here are some rainy day tips for you!

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Les Différents parcours de randonnée autours de Taipei Vous venez d’arriver a Taïwan, et résidez actuellement à Taipei sa capitale, vous appréciez l’ambiance, le style, le côté pratique, ainsi que toutes les activités que cette ville peut vous offrir. Mais en bon amoureux de la nature ce dont vous avez besoin c’est aussi de promenade, de randonnée au coeur de la nature et des forêts. Pas d’inquietude! Taipei dispose de tout ce dont vous avez besoin en la matière. Ici  je vais vous lister 3 randonnées…Continue Reading “Randonnée et remise en forme à Taipei”

Prior to arriving to Taiwan, I have lived in Portland, Oregon. Portland is well known for their micro-breweries, upon arriving to Taipei, Taiwan, I was eager to delve into their own world of craft beer. The most well known of Taiwan beers, is of course ‘Taiwan beer’ lager style, but it doesn’t stop there, about a half-hour from homey hostel by taking the green line to Da’an district, 23 Public craft brewery offers a variety of lagers, ales and cider. Here at homey we offer…Continue Reading “Taiwan’s Exclusive Craft Beer Scene”

The essential kit to survive Taipei Every modern city have their own system and rules. Although they may be similar to the ones in your city, they are definitely not the same. There are a few thing that everyone must have when in Taipei.   1.Easy Card First in the essential kit to survive Taipei is probably the most important item of them all; EASYCARD. You can use your easy card to do many things in Taipei: You can pay for groceries, fast food, pretty…Continue Reading “The essential kit to survive Taipei”