No 1 Hiking Tour on Jinmian Mountain!

Feeling tired of the big city jungle? Get a taste of the real thing and join us to Jinmian Mountain, a free guided Homey Hostel Hiking Tour!

Jinmian Mountain 金面山

Also called Jindao Shan or Scissor Mountain, it is a place that may be not so well known by Taipei’s inhabitants. The second name, Scissor Mountain also describes the most famous spot along the route, which is its rocky mountain peak.

This track is only lightly trafficked and can be completed in a loop, which is about 1.9 km long. Located near Neihu, Taipei City, it features a beautiful array of wild flowers and during the hike we spotted lots of colorful butterflies playfully flapping their wings. The hike itself is considered as moderate, but we still advice to bring enough water to stay hydrated during the exercise. We usually bring two bottles each.

The Homey Hostel Hiking Tour

We usually start gathering Homey Hostel guests in our lobby at 9 a.m., then take the bus to Neihu and meet up with other participants at the closest MRT Station which is Xihu (Brown Line) to the trail around 10 pm. Before the hike itself, everyone gets a chance to make last minute water supply shopping in a nearby 7 – Eleven (which also has a toilet ;D). Good shoes are important and make the hiking a lot easier to enjoy.

hiking starts from here


This path features a variable terrain, with parts of the trail covered by steps (especially in the beginning), then changing to big boulders that need your hands and feet in the right place to climb over them. Alternatively, there are also trails with ropes around the boulders, for those afraid of heights. Since there are many ways around this mountain, you have to make sure though that you don’t lose yourself on a trail that’s leading down again, if you only follow the road. For a tour guide, it is easy to lose tour members during that part, so we pay extra attention!

Along the path, there are many places where you can rest and get a shelter from (ideally not rain, but) sunshine. A lot of these shelters also provide you with great views and photo spots. The best spot however, is the reward of the hike: the top of Jin Mian Shan is covered in huge boulders, with one of them precariously hanging over the edge at some point, making for some impressive Instagram photos.

If you want to shoot there, be prepared to wait for some time, because sometimes this area of the mountain is pretty crowded. The other name, scissor mountain, likely has its origins in these rocky top landscape, the boulders sticking out of the earth like knives. Don’t worry if you didn’t bring a selfie stick that’s long enough, our guide will help you to make great photos!

hiking and trees hiking boulders

What do our guests think?

Our guests tell us often, that they never would have thought to visit this trail by themselves. It is less crowded than the popular photo spot Xiangshan Mountain, and still has its own beautiful view, overlooking northern Taipei and an especially nice close up at airplanes commuting to Songshan airport, featuring Taipei 101 as a blue silhouette in the distance.

We take care of everyone’s health, ensuring that every participant can enjoy the hike at their own pace. Like that, it is a tour nice for advanced hiking experts and novices.

We host this hiking event every Sunday (except it is raining heavily, then you can try other Homey activities).  The guided tour is free! So if you are staying in Homey Hostel, feel free to join via our google form:

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