New Year's Eve Firework

New Year and Breathtaking Taipei 101

Ready to spent an unforgettable New Year’s Eve in Taiwan’s capital? We tell you everything you need to know!

New Year’s Eve in Taiwan

The real deal of a New Year feeling you will experience if you stay in Taiwan until the ‘actual’ lunar new year, which is probably the most important holiday in the country. This event is also called Spring Festival (春節) and last several days during the time of January ~ February, the exact time changes every year. But for now we will introduce to you the New Year’s Eve of the western world, the official start of the year 2020 and how it is celebrated in Taiwan, Taipei.

New Year Fireworks

The Biggest Countdown Clock in the World

The place to go if you spend New Year’s Eve in Taiwan’s bustling capital definitely is the city’s landmark Taipei 101. In the final seconds of the year, the building itself transforms into the largest New Year countdown clock of the world. The front of Taipei 101 lights up floor by floor from bottom up, with a stunning firework display starting as soon as the countdown announced the beginning of the new year. Tens of thousands gather for that show every year, and with the relatively mild winter up to now even more people are expected this year.

There are other events and festivities on-site to enjoy as well. For example, the Taipei City Government will invite entertainers and musicians to perform on a square before the government offices. This will be broadcasted into the whole world and holds prestige among the international community.

The Taipei City Government is the organizer behind the celebrations, with the first ones held as early as 1995, drawing attention of the populace and the media, which caused it to become an annual held event.

Please be aware that the Taipei 101 observation deck on the 91st floor will be closed from Dec. 23rd until January 2nd, as preparations for New year’s Eve are underway. However, you can enter the observation decks on the floors 88 and 89 with a discounted ticket for Taiwanese and foreign residents in Taiwan. The discount is applicable for visits to the decks before noon and a buy-one-get-one -free deal for visits between noon and 5 p.m.

Located near to Taipei 101 and a famous hiking and photo spot itself is the Elephant Mountain or Xiangshan. If you climb the top, you can enjoy the countdown and fireworks from afar without mingling with the crowd of party-goers. You might even get a lot better view than from ground level. After the show you can hike slowly down the backside of the mountain, which will take you back into down and (if you’re using the red line) first into the MRT wagons before the crowds enter the MRT system at the Taipei 1010 stop.

New Year's Eve Firework


For this New Year’s Eve, the Taipei Rapit Transit Corp. (TRTC) will operate the MRT all around the clock from December 31st at 6 a.m. to January 1st. Also, the trains of the red line from Tamsui and Beitou will be extended to Xiangshan station. Please note, that YouBike rental services will be halted around Taipei City Hall after 5 p.m.

The management of the skyscraper also announced an animated sneak peak of the big showdown on New Year’s Eve 2019. It will be a 300-second show of fireworks combined with animations running across the outer wall of Taipei 101’s T-Pad wall, which is made up of 140,000 LED lights, covering the building from the 35th to the 90th floor. The animations feature native species in Taiwan, mostly rare and protected ones, to raise awareness of the needs of wildlife protection. This includes the leopard cat, the Formosan black bear and the green sea turtle.

New Year Taipei 101

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