The essential kit to survive Taipei

The essential kit to survive Taipei

Every modern city have their own system and rules. Although they may be similar to the ones in your city, they are definitely not the same. There are a few thing that everyone must have when in Taipei.


1.Easy Card

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First in the essential kit to survive Taipei is probably the most important item of them all; EASYCARD. You can use your easy card to do many things in Taipei: You can pay for groceries, fast food, pretty much everywhere you can use a card to pay, but most importantly you use it for travelling. The most common use of transportation are the Bus and MRT. The card will cost you 100 NTD then you can top up as much as you want. Fares are usually 15 NTD one way, but can go up to 30 NTD. Very cheap compared to other countries with similar systems.


2. Internet on mobile

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Internet is the second tool for the essential kit to survive Taipei. For those whose phones stop working the minute they land in Taiwan, there are a few companies that offer pocket WIFI that you can pick up at the airport. You can check out this LINK or feel free to just type ‘pocket WIFI Taipei’ on your browser for more options. The second option which I used myself is a sim card, which will obviously give you a whole new number, but you can choose a few one off plans that can last from 1 to 6 months with unlimited internet.


3. Translator

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My personal favourite is Goggle translate, but there are many apps out there to help you communicate with the locals. Many swear by Pleco. There is also Itranslate, Triplingo, Papago and many more.


4. Map

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A map will come in handy, again Google has this covered with Maps but picking up a map at the airport could be useful as they come with recommendations and more information that you would have to search for and probably not find just by browsing the net.


5. A smile

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You’re on holiday, smile! When you come to Taipei you can be certain that a lot of locals will be staring at you, but not out of malice or any bad intentions, just out curiosity, so smile and show them how amazing you are!


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