Number 1 Hot Pot in Taipei

Warm yourself up with Hot Pot during the cold and rainy winter days in Taipei! Let us introduce our favorite place to go, not far from Homey Hostel.

Why Hot Pot is a MUST in Winter

We already gave you some suggestions how to cope with the rainy winter season in Taipei. What we didn’t mention is the most important social gathering you can participate in during winter, because it deserves its very own blog post!

Hot Pot has always been pretty popular in the Chinese cultural sphere, but variations of it can be found all around the world (take the Swiss Fondue as an example). In its core, it’s a way to enjoy eating over a long time and share the food with a lot of people. While your selected veggies, meat and mushrooms boil, you have plenty of time to chat. And during cold winter days, sitting around the steaming pot is super comfy. In addition, it is very easy to prepare and (it still depends on your ingredients but…) mostly very healthy!


Spicy Hot Pot


Takao1972 Hot Pot

What follows is advertisement due to liking – we went there just the other day and are convinced this experience is worth sharing! ;D

The place is called Takao1972. They have two restaurants in Taipei, the one we recommend is in Ximending, another one is located in Zhongshan district.  In Ximending, you can spot it easily due to the giant whale decorating the long side of the building, called “Hotel Papawhale“. The more normal style of hot pot you can enjoy on the first floor, there you can choose between different styles of soup (traditional style, Japanese style and spicy for example) and the ingredients for boiling come in a fixed set of vegetables, meat and mushrooms.

Takao1972 Hot Pot

For those who want bigger variety in choosing ingredients, there is still another option for you. Go down to the first floor underground, and ‘go shopping’ for what you want to have in your hot pot. You can by these things extra there, then order a soup style and enjoy. Rice, noodles, side dishes like eggs and green onions, as well as drinks (tea, water, soda) and ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, fruits, strawberry) are all you can eat / drink and can be taken from a buffet. The restaurant is open from 11:00 at noon until 21:00 at night.

Takao1972 Hot Pot


Takao1972 Hot Pot Takao1972 Hot Pot


After the meal, it’s really nice to take a walk through night-time Ximen district, all colorful and full of life. Walking back to Homey takes about 25 minutes and helps digestion … everybody tends to overeat under conditions like that right? ;D


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