What to do on a hot day in Taipei

Amongst many things, Taipei is known for its hot weather. With temperatures very often passed 30 degrees, it is useful to know what to do under the sweltering hot sun.


First of all, any soul brave enough to go through a hot day in Taipei deserves an ice cream and what else than Ice Monster for some shaved ice. Head to Da’an district to taste their myriad of flavors; mango, strawberry, kiwi and more. Head to their website to find out more.


After eating your ice cream, why not take a stroll in Da’an park. It’s a great place to rest or sunbathe. For those who like running, it is amazing to do so or cycle. If you fancy a more peaceful day, you can watch the huge birds around the lake or the squirrels jumping from one tree to another.


If you prefer to be sheltered from the sun but still want to be out of the house. Why not opt for some window shopping or actual shopping in one of those well air-conditioned malls. Sogo is as good as they come in terms of department stores in Taipei.


I personally don’t know a better day to go to the zoo then during a hot day in Taipei, especially if you have children. You can visit the brown bear in the video below and many more: frogs, crocodiles, camels and many more all for the meager sum of 60 NTDs


If you fancy splashing around like the brown bear above (in cleaner water obviously) Taipei has water parks for the whole family or to go solo. This is another great way to tackle a hot day in Taipei.


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