Homey Halloween Party – Best in Taipei!

The big party gatherings are not for you? Then come to our Homey Halloween Murder Night!

Halloween in Taiwan

Called Wànshèngjié (萬聖節) in Chinese, Halloween is not a public holiday in Taiwan, but it becomes increasingly popular to celebrate the haunted night. Stores selling costumes and decoration go crazy with their advertising, turning certain streets in haunted houses well before the actual date.

There are also a lot of Halloween parties set in Taipei aside the Homey Halloween Party if you’re up for clubbing, as they become more and more popular every year among young Taiwanese. Most known among them in 2019 were Woo Park Halloween Party in W Taipei, or Chefs Club Taipei and East Drinks West with a rooftop view overlooking the city. From high-end luxury parties and more festival-like ones, there is something for everyone who wants to haunt Taipei nightlife.

A special event was the Taipei Zoo’s 2019 Zoolloween Strange Carnival, with stage performances and treat-or-trick events. A more detailed party guide you can find on Taiwan News Website. A more family-friendly way to celebrate the ghosts and monsters of the night was the Shilin International Cultural Festival in Taipei.

Homey Halloween


Halloween away from Taipei

If you not happen to be in Taipei for All Hallows’ Eve and miss our Homey Halloween Party, we also have some other recommendations for you.
First is the Wang Shan Pumpkin Recreation Farm in Zhuangwei Township, Yilan County on the East Coast. To get the real Halloween experience, you can’t miss out on pumpkin! Which the greenhouse of the farm has in plenty. Choose your own pumpkin for carving or to make your own pumpkin rolls, or visit the petting zoo with kids, or let yourself get informed about the essentials of pumpkin farming!

On the other side of the island, you have the opportunity to visit a real haunted house in Chiayi County. The Minyson mansion has been abandoned due to reoccurring suspicious deaths in the building, which once was the home of the Liu family, back in the Qing dynasty:

Legend has it, that the head of the family deeply fell in love with a female servant of the house. But the two were found out by his wife, and she began to mistreat the servant women very badly. The family head’s lover could no longer take it and threw herself into a well on the family grounds, taking her own life. Since then, the wife, the husband, guests of the house began to hear the roaming of a ghost in the mansion. As time went by, nobody could take living in the building any longer and it was abandoned…


Homey Halloween

Homey Halloween Murder Night

If the big clubbing parties were not your taste, we had something different for you this year: the Homey Halloween Murder Night! Bringing together Taipei locals and foreign guests, we organized a get-together in our cozy Homey Lobby. Unlike our other events (calligraphy course, tea experience, language tables), this one was more sinister… based on you being a guest or a local, came with scary costume or not, the admission fee was varying (and already included one beer or softdrink). Also, bringing food to share at our buffet table reduced the admission fee for 100 NTD!

Homey Halloween drinking game Homey Halloween game
Homey Halloween Homey Halloween

The schedule included Trick-or-Treat activities, a beer drinking contest, a murder game and we also the person with the best costume was chosen. Of course we also prepared snacks so our guests don’t go hungry. The murder game especially was a great opportunity to get to know each other and make new friendships. To bridge language barriers, the event announcements and game rules were made in English as well as in Mandarin.

Homey Halloween Staff Cast Homey Halloween drinking game
Homey Halloween Murder Night
The evening was a great success and Homey staff thanks all participants! We look forward to bring this event to your favorite hostel next year again!


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