Hiking on Yushan Main Peak

Yushan Main Peak 玉山主峰 3Days2Nights  

Yushan Nation Park is well known for its magnificent scenery, sunrises, sunsets, geological features, and views of the clouds from above. Sea of clouds often fill the valleys.

Yushan Main Peak (3952m)is the tallest peak in Taiwan and northeast Asia.

      Day 1
      10:00~12:00  Taipei Main Station 台北火 車站 (gathering and have gears checked)
      12:00~18:00  Taipei 台北 →Shuili水里 (dinner along the road) →Tataka 塔塔加
      18:30~19:00  Setting up the tent
      19:00~20:30  Dessert time
      21:00~            Good night
      Day 2
      06:30~07:00  Breakfeast served
      07:30~07:45  Setting out
      07:45~08:30  Tataka administration check point ( ID needed)
      08:30~08:40  Tataka→trailhead (2.8K) (carried by shuttle)
      08:40~10:00  Trailhead→Dr. Monroe’s Resting Place 孟祿亭 (1.7K)
      10:00~10:40  Dr. Monroe’s Resting Place→Front Peak trail entrance 前峰登山口 (1K)
      10:40~12:30  Front Peak trail entrance→White Forest 白木林 (2.3K)
      12:30~13:30  Easy lunch is provided by yourself
      13:30~14:30  White Forest→Big Cliff 大峭壁 (1.7K)
      14:30~15:30  Big Cliff→Paiyun Lodge 排雲山莊 (1.8K)
      15:30~16:00  Scenery viewing
      16:00~17:00  Traditional Taiwanese dinner served
      17:00~18:30  Paiyun Lodge→Yuanfong Cabin 圓峰山屋
      18:30~19:00  Dessert time
      19:30~            Good night (camping or lodging)

       Day 3
       02:30~03:00 Breakfeast served
       03:00~05:30 Yuanfong Cabin→Fengkou 風口
       06:30~07:00 Fengkou→Yushan Main Peak 玉山主峰
       07:00~07:30 Taking pictures, taking rest
       07:30~08:00  Yushan Main Peak→Paiyun Lodge
       09:00~10:00  Paiyun Lodge→White Forest
       10:00~10:30  Packing up
       10:30~13:00  White Forest→trail entrance
       13:00~13:10  Trail entrance→Tataka parking lot (carried by shuttle)
       13:30~14:30  Tataka→Heshe 和社
       14:30~15:00  Lunch at Heshe (beef noodle for lunch)
       15:00~15:30  Heshe→Dongpu 東埔
       15:30~16:30  Dongpu Hot Spring (at your own expense)
       16:30~20:00  Dongpu→Taipei 

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