Hiking on Snow Mountain East Peak

Snow Mountain East Peak 雪山主東峰  3Days2Nights  


Snow Mountain is the 2nd highest peak in Taiwan. 
The specialty of snow mountain is that it is extremely beautiful when it is capped with snow in winter time. Also, the unique topography such as glacial cirque is an intriguing scenery for hiker.

        Day 1
        11:00~11:30  Meet at Chiaohsi 礁溪 Train Station/ Chiaohsi Bus Station
        11:30~12:30  Lunch at your own expense (or you can chose to meet us after lunch)
        13:00~17:30  Meeting point→Trailhead of Xue Mountain 雪山登山口
                                (dinner bought along the road at your own expense)
        17:30~18:00  Dinner
        18:30~20:00  Qika Hut 七卡山莊
        20:00~20:30  Relaxing time
        20:30~            Good night
        Day 2
        07:00~07:30  Good Morning (3:00am if you want to see sunrise)
        07:30~08:00  Traditional Taiwanese breakfast served
        08:00~10:00  Setting out→ East Peak of Xue Mountain
        10:00~11:30  Sanliujiu Hut (369 Hut) 三六九山莊
        11:30~12:30  Easy lunch is provided by yourself
        12:30~15:00  369 Hut→Bottom of Syueshan Glacial Cirques冰斗入口
                                (light gear with head light)
        15:00~15:30  Landscape viewing
        15:30~16:00  Glacial Cirques→Main Peak of Xue Mountain 雪山主峰
        16:00~18:30  Main Peak→369 Hut
        19:00~20:00  Taiwanese dinner served
        20:00~20:30  Relaxing time
        21:00~            Good night
        Day 3
        06:00~06:30  Good Morning
        06:30~07:00  Having breakfast served, packing up
        07:00~12:00  369 Hut→Trailhead of Xue Mountain
        12:30~13:00  Trailhead of Xue Mountain→Wulin Farm 武陵農場
        13:00~14:00  Lunch at yours expense
        14:00~16:30  Wulin Farm →Chiaohsi
        16:30~17:30  Chiaohsi Hot Spring (at your own expense)
        17:30~18:30  Dinner at Chiaohsi (at your own expense)
        18:30~            Go home

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