Hiking on Jiaming Meteor Lake

Jiaming Meteor Lake 嘉明湖  3Days2Nights

It is the 2nd highest lake in Taiwan. The lake is ellipse-shaped and the water color is deep ruby blue. There is no river flows into this lake, but it never dries out in whole year. 

Because it is close to sky and shape like a drop, many Taiwanese people call it “angle’s tear”. Recently it becomes a famous scenery in deep mountain side.
        Day 1
        07:10~09:55  Taipei Train Main Station→Hualien Train Station 花蓮火車站
        10:00~12:00  Hualien→Chihshang Township 池上鄉
        12:00~12:30  Local Chihshang lunch box at your own expense
        12:30~14:00  Siangyang work station 向陽工作站
        14:00~15:30  Siangyang work station→Siangyang Trailhead
        15:30~18:00  Siangyang Trailhead→Siangyang Cabin 向陽山屋 (2850m)
        18:30~19:30  Dinner is served
        19:30~20:00  Relaxing time
        20:00~20:30  Good night

        Day 2
        06:00~06:15  Good morning
        06:15~07:00  Breakfast is served.
        07:00~10:00  Siangyang Cabin→Trailhead of Siangyang Sancha Road 向陽三叉路口
        10:00~10:40  Trailhead of Siangyang Sancha Road→Siangyang Peak 
        10:40~11:10  Siangyang Peak→Trailhead of Siangyang Sancha Road
        11:10~12:00  Trailhead of Siangyang Sancha Road→Jiaming Cabin 
        12:30~13:30  Lunch is served with instant noodle
        13:30~15:30  Lunch break
        15:30~17:00  Relaxing time
        17:00~18:00  Dinner is served
        18:00~19:00  Relaxing time
        20:00~20:30  Good night
        Day 3
        01:00~01:15  Good morning
        01:15~02:00  Breakfast is served
        02:00~05:00  Jiaming Cabin→Sancha Mountain 三叉山 (3496m) (to see the sunrise)
        05:00~05:30  Sancha Mountain→Jiaming Meteor Lake 嘉明湖 (3310m)
        05:30~06:00  Strolling along the lake side
        06:00~08:30  Jiaming Meteor→Jiaming Cabin 
        08:45~11:00  Jiaming Cabin→Siangyang Cabin
        11:00~11:30  Take a rest
        11:30~13:00  Siangyang Cabin→Siangyang work station
        13:00~14:45  Siangyang work station→Yuli 玉里
        15:00~16:30  Lunch/dinner at your own expense
        16:30~17:00  Yuli→Juisui瑞穗
        17:00~18:30  Hot Spring time
        18:30~20:00  Juisui→Hualien
        20:30~22:40  Hualen Train Station→Taipei Main Station

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