Guide to grocery shopping in Taipei

Grocery shopping! Although Taipei is really cheap when it comes to food. If you plan to stay longer than a few days and would like to do the cooking yourself from time to time, it’s important to know where to shop and to know the different options available to you.

7-11 was always going to be first on the list. It is the most common and most popular convenience store around. They differ in sizes so you can find more or less the same in each. They don’t have everything for grocery shopping but they tend to have most necessities.


Family Mart is also very popular for grocery shopping but probably have fewer stores around. It also has most things you could ever need but I have found a greater variety of items like condiments, eggs, flour, that kind of stuff.


Wellcome, unlike 7-11 and Family Mart is not a convenience store but a supermarket, it, therefore, has a lot more options and is a proper grocery shopping place. Meat sections, veg section and all everything a supermarket is supposed to offer. Now I need to point out that I personally have had a few bad experiences with products in Wellcome, I will spare you the gruesome details because it may have been an honest mistake on their part, but their prices are, for most things cheaper than other places.


PX Mart is also a supermarket. It has a bit more than Wellcome to offer, but there are not as many of them around and walking all the way to PX Mart can feel like a chore to grow grocery shopping under the sweltering hot sun of Taipei.

Carrefour! Now I know what I said about PX Mart being far but hear me out, Although quite far, Carrefour is worth the half-hour walk. It has everything and I mean everything you could possibly want. I first found out about carrefour when looking for a large supermarket and was very excited to find a little bit of home (Carrefour is French) in Taipei. It’s the perfect place to stock up on everything for the next two weeks at a reasonable price.

There are many places to go grocery shopping in Taipei, but, to my humble opinion, these are the best options and the most common. You can’t go wrong with these options, it’s worth looking at buying certain items in one and others in a different store. On this note, good luck!


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