Visit Gay Pride in Taipei!

One of Asia’s biggest Gay Pride events takes place in Taipei every year at the last Saturday of October. Over 80,000 people attended theĀ  event last year, just as much are expected on this year’s 26th to 27th October. Support the LGBT community and come take a look!


The event was first held on November 1st 2003 with already almost as many participants and was the largest one in Asia at that time, also the first one in a Chinese speaking country. It encouraged Hong Kong to hold its own parade, too. Now, the biggest event is held in Tel Aviv, Israel. The organizer in Taiwan is the Taiwan LGBT Pride Community, please refer to theirĀ Facebook Page for more information.

While the parade in Europe and US is mostly commercialized and often funded by companies seeking to target their homosexual customer group, in Taiwan the event is still mostly a social movement. It is subject to traffic laws and control, which can be in some cases dangerous for participants, but also enables the Gay Pride to ‘blend in’ with the normal pedestrian crowd.

Details about Gay Pride

There are three routes for the parade, which all start at 14:30 and ends officially at 16:00. But the parade aside, there are smaller events for for days, with a lot of special parties in the evening and of course high life at Taipei’s famous gay bars, such as Commander D or Hunt, located in Ximen District near Homey Hostel. In Ximen near the Red House there is also an unofficial gay neighborhood, with a lot of LGBT friendly bars and shops.

The North Line features green, blue and white as colors, and starts from Zhongshan South Road. The South Route (pink, yellow, purple) starts at Xinyi Road section, the West Route (red, orange, black) from Park Road, and the last two routes end at Zhongshan South Road. For the detailed route description please sea the official event homepage.

Gay Pride Route

As thousands of participates attract also visitors and LGBT supporters from all over the world, our Homey Hostel is proud to be not only a top rated hostel at the heart of Taipei city, but also a LGBT friendly one. With Homey located near to Taipei Main Station, there’s only a few minutes walking distance to the festivities!

Homey staff provided some photos from last year:

Gay Pride 2018 Gay Pride 2018

There’s usually a lot of media coverage of Gay Pride, even if the local population not necessarily notices the event (due to the lack of funding by local associations). Here’s a video from last year:

There is also a Gay Pride event in Kaohsiung, in the South of Taiwan, as well as in Taichung. But these are no regular events and it’s better to inform yourself before your trip about that.

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