Dadaocheng Wharf

Dadaocheng Wharf


Two years ago Dadaocheng wharf was not a place many people associated as pleasant, it used to be deserted and full of mosquitos, but now things have changed. It is a great riverside park. It has everything, from fast food to vending machines, and endless benches by the water to take someone special on a romantic date or just friends or even alone.

For those who love a good workout, there are a few basketball courts, tennis courts, and bars for those who love doing pull-ups ( can’t say I know many who do) otherwise you can just run along the river or ride on your bicycle, whatever you feel like.

Karaoke is a big thing in Taiwan so I wasn’t surprised to find that there as many places to sing your heart out as they were trees. It’s the right place to make you feel like a star for one evening, but beware of the competition there, I’ve seen a few ladies in evening gowns who sing better than most pop stars out there.


This could go with the workout stuff I told you about but I feel like it needs a mention of its own. There is a dancefloor where people follow along very simple steps and dance together. I personally thought it was a great way for the community to get together in the evening and connect. It seems like the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work.

The view is particularly beautiful at night and the atmosphere is great. Back in the day, Dadaocheng Wharf was one of the main shipping ports of Taipei city. Now, as well as a great hangout it is a ferry station. It can help you avoid the traffic or the very busy MRT lines but if this is of interest to you, note that the ferries are only available during the weekend and it is preferable to purchase tickets in advance as they sell out quite often. Dadaocheng Wharf is located on the ferry route so you can take a ride to Zhongxiao wharf or Tamsui and back on the river.


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