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Christmas in Taiwan is Best!

With winter Christmas season is coming, and at least for some parts of the world it’s an event that cannot be missed. How people in Taiwan are spending the (not holidays, but still) festivities here, and were you find the best Christmas Party in Taipei, we will introduce to you today!

Christmas in Taiwan

While Halloween is more an excuse for parties in Taipei, it’s a little quieter during winter season. Of course, snow is something not to be expected in Taipei, but aside from sunny weather and some air pollution days, you will experience high humidity with reasonable temperatures from 10 to 18 degrees.

Even though not many Taiwanese are christian, it’s a lot more celebrated than on Mainland China. It is not a national holiday, but still a lot of decoration can be found in the stores (especially around Homey Hostel, since the streets here are known for their huge variety of decoration and DYI equipment). Also, Christmas songs are a popular thing in English classes during the season, some schools might even have a Santa Claus bringing gifts for the kids. In Xinyi District, lots of cinemas will provide an assortment of christmassy movies to enjoy.

Christmas shop Taipei

Also a nice few for a night stroll is provided by the residents of Taipei’s Beitou District, which is famous for it’s ‘Christmas Lane’ during the last two weeks of December. Still an unofficial event, the spot gained popularity within the last years. And now that you’re already there – why not visit a hot spring and soak yourself in nice warm water? ;D
More insights provides this article from Taiwan News.

If you are more a fan of clubbing and drinking and generally spending the holidays in a livelier way, places like Carnegie’s, On Tap and Brass Monkey throw thrilling parties during that time. Famous party places in Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s second biggest city, are the Lighthouse Pub and Foster Hewitts.

christmas cookies

For those with a sweet tooth: Christmas season in Taiwan is all about baking and getting the real cinnamon-lemon-gingerbread taste. Many cafes and bakeries will offer limited time delicacies, which we Homey staff definitely will check out. Ask us for recommendations while you’re here!


Illumination in New Taipei City

In New Taipei City the most famous attraction is Christmasland (新北耶誕城) , located in Xinban Special District in the heart of the city. Here you can find the biggest Christmas trees of the nation, illuminations reminding of fairy tales from the old times, carnival activities with cartoon characters, concerts and lots of shops selling craft, consumer products and a lot of food, connecting the nearby Nanya Night Market to the fun.

Close is also the infamous Mega City department store, a good opportunity to warm yourself up and do inside window shopping. This year, the Christmasland will be even bigger than before and is open until January 1st. We can assume that it will be very crowded again this year!

Christmas Illumination

If you are not in Taipei, there is also the option of visiting Gloriday in Taoyuan. The Gloria outlet shop is the organizer of this event which is hold since 2016. Like the Christmasland, it opens around the end of November and usually lasts until January 1st.

Christmas Taoyuan 2018

Christmas Party in Homey

This year in 2019, Homey Hostel offers a cozy Christmas Party just like home in cooperation with Borderless House Sharehouse. We offer classic mulled wine (a German tradition), as well as roasted chicken and pizza. If you show up in one of those hilarious Christmas Sweaters that we all know and never wanted as a gift, you have the chance to enter the lucky draw and win cool prizes!

You can also join the gift exchange activity (bring something worth around 250 $NTD) and see what you will get in return! For tenants of Borderless House and guests of Homey, the entrance fee is only 250 $NTD, for visitors 300 $NTD. The event starts at 17:30 and ends around 21:00. See you atDecember 21st, 2019 in Homey Hostel!

Christmas Homey Christmas Homey



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