Checking On Fried Chicken! Taiwan Edition!!!

Taiwan is well known for their snacks, which you can get anywhere, and it’s the same for fried chicken. Since I started living in Taiwan 3 months ago, many people told me how good their fried chicken is. I was not really interested in it since I had previously been living in South Korea, which is notorious for eating more fried chicken than any other Asian country does.                                          Typical korean style fried chicken

The longer I stay here, the more people keep talking about and forcing me to try fried chicken. So I decided to focus my live show last week on comparing various fried chicken tastes. And for last week’s episode, I invited two of my friends, both from South Korea, and one of Homey Hostel’s guests to help judge how good Taiwanese fried chicken is. I got a few suggestions from local Taiwanese people on which chicken I should eat. Surprisingly they also suggested me the brands that everybody knows: KFC and McDonald’s. To be honest, I really had doubts about these 2 brands, but like others say, you never know if you don’t try it. 
So I decided to just try all the suggestion that I got from the locals. I bought all the chicken from the major fast food chains and also from one local store, which many locals recommended to me. 


                                                               We try this  first

                                   It’s pretty cheap  but i guess don’t judge  early. 

They even have new product called “shake shake” with Seaweed and Spicy flavor

I have to say this brand was my least favorite, and I will avoid going there if i’m ever craving fried chicken in Taiwan. We decided to rate them a 1 out of 10 since there’s nothing special about them.

Our next stop was McDonald’s competitor next door, KFC. It surprised us, since it’s not like our expectation.

                                                                    Next door KFC

                                They also bring a Taiwanese flavor with BBQ flavor.

We concluded that KFC in Taiwan is way better than other KFC in the world, I think because it’s way more juicy and spicy. The BBQ flavor did not disappoint us since we were really able to taste the BBQ and smokey flavor. 
Twin Peaks
Last but not least, the fried chicken place most highly recommended by the locals: “TWIN PEAKS”. They gave us some super huge chicken, and I think that’s the reason why it was really recommended to me. 

The greatest surprise from our taste tests was how cheap Taiwan is. It only cost us around 200NTD($6.81 USD) to try everything!
By the end of the live show, we all had our own preference, and also a lot of thanks for all the people who help with the recommendation, because we got to eat some really good chicken! To know what we choose in the end, feel free to watch here.Stay tuned for this week’s live video – exploring Ningxia Night Market!

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