As you may already know, winter in Taipei is not that cold, but you do need to bring an umbrella with you! So after a humid hot summer, be prepared for rainy days (or weeks) winter months. But no worries, there’s still a lot you can do even in winter. Here are some rainy day tips for you!

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Taipei short term rental

10 things I love about HOMEY HOSTEL   1.Location, Location, Location Have I mentioned the location? Homey is perfectly situated. A minute away from the vast Taipei city mall, 10 minutes from Taipei main station and its vast shopping area. There you can find local and international brands (if you’re already homesick) more food than you could possibly taste. I would personally recommend the Hujiao bing (pork buns) they’re so good people queue for them, but then again people queue for most things in Taipei….Continue Reading “10 things I love about Homey Hostel”

Taipei short term rental

You just arrive in Taiwan and you’re looking for a Taipei short-term rental? You are thinking to stay in town for a while but do not want to pay an arm and a leg for a hotel room? You are looking for a Taipei furnished apartment but you will not stay long enough to sign a year-long lease? Whether you are a student in Taipei for an internship or a working traveler who wish to explore deeper our tremendous capital, finding a suitable temporary accommodation…Continue Reading “Why book a Taipei Short-Term Rental at Homey Hostel”

Back in 2015, I spent a semester in Chengdu, Sichuan, China studying Chinese for four months, so living Taipei isn’t my first time  studying abroad. But honestly, these two experiences could not be more different. In Chengdu, I lived in a dorm and spent most of my time with my fellow American classmates, whereas in Taiwan, I live in a hostel and spend most of my time with locals. I definitely think I did it right this time around! While preparing my move to Taipei,…Continue Reading “11 Reasons to Live at a Hostel While Studying Abroad”

When you think of a hostel, you usually think of backpackers or students looking for a place to socialize while they travel. What you don’t think of, however, are families. People tend to assume that hostels are not suitable for family trips – they cater too much to young partiers, they’re noisy, they’re unsafe, etc… the list goes on. While these issues can be true for some hostels, in reality, the world of hostels has been expanding so much recently that cheap, dirty, party hostels…Continue Reading “10 Reasons to Stay at a Hostel on Your Family Vacation”

  After starting the language event with Kelly, we saw our biggest turnout this time around.  We had about 20 people come through and join us. Wanting to challenge the participants a bit more this time around, I set the theme for “taking a stance.” We had a peaceful debate of sorts. Most of the participants were happy to have a space  to express how they felt about certain controversial topics.  Here it was good to see people challenging themselves by saying their  feelings directly….Continue Reading “Taiwan, Stand Up!”

One month in Taipei and I’ve learned a lot.  A lot about the city, Taiwanese people and myself. I hope to share a few of these lessons in today’s post.  In my most recent live show with Homey Hostel, I took a stroll around the block. Starting off at 50 Lan with a classic  milk tea bubble tea, owner, Kelly, and I began our journey. We passed by a few local restaurants where you can see the well-known cheap and affordable meals Taiwan is known for.  For…Continue Reading “Taiwan From Foreign Eyes”