In this series, we are featuring recommendations for Yilan County, where we (the Homey staff) to a short trip to in November!  Get out of the big city and get yourself a healthy dose of nature feeling. Northern Yilan: Wai’ao Beach and Fish Bath The county is very famous for its beautiful beaches, stretching wide and uninterrupted. The waves are also very popular among surfers. In the northern part of Yilan lies Wai’ao Beach (or Gangao Beach), one of these popular destinations. Surfing there you…Continue Reading “Trip to awesome Yilan Part 2!”

Looking for an exciting one-day-trip? How about visiting the harbor city Keelung City? Convenient to reach by local trains and by bus, you can see an awesome coastline, go to visit a marine museum, take photos of super colorful city coastline and take a stroll over the nightmarket with the freshest seafood in the region – maybe with other guests or even a guide from homey hostel!

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The essential kit to survive Taipei Every modern city have their own system and rules. Although they may be similar to the ones in your city, they are definitely not the same. There are a few thing that everyone must have when in Taipei.   1.Easy Card First in the essential kit to survive Taipei is probably the most important item of them all; EASYCARD. You can use your easy card to do many things in Taipei: You can pay for groceries, fast food, pretty…Continue Reading “The essential kit to survive Taipei”

Join a social group in Taipei Unless you are traveling with family or friends, traveling in a foreign country can be very lonely and sometimes alienating. I guess Taipei is no different. My suggestion to join a social club in Taipei came out of my own situation. It was very reassuring to be able to connect with people that have the same interest as I do. In my case it was writing but it could be anything. Here are a few options available:…Continue Reading “Join a social group in Taipei”

Maokong Maokong mountain is one of many mountains in Taipei. The mountain is riddled with tea houses, you can taste the tea that was grown on Maokong itself as you rest after completing a long trail. The views and wildlife will not disappoint as they are in abundance. So put on your most comfortable shoes and make your way there. Like every mountain, it is possible to go up Maokong by hiking from all the way down, but most people use the famous gondolas.  …Continue Reading “Maokong”

How to go to the national park called Kenting from Taipei. There are many ways to make your way to the Hawaii of Taiwan. It is a long ride as both places are at the extremities of the country, but the scenery is definitely worth the journey. In order for you to arrive in Kenting in the best way possible, let me breakdown the different ways you can take reach it. Without further ado, the first mode of transport for Taipei to Kenting is: 1….Continue Reading “Taipei to Kenting”

Oolong tea experience at Homey       You haven’t really traveled to Taipei if you haven’t done some sort of tea experience. Within so many activities tea tasting is one of my favorite things to do at Homey Hostel. Usually served by our very own Jeffrey (photographed above) the experience includes not only tasting but a whole detailed session explaining how it is served. Lucky for you dear reader I have the whole process here for you. Follow this step by step and you…Continue Reading “Oolong tea experience at Homey”

Back in 2015, I spent a semester in Chengdu, Sichuan, China studying Chinese for four months, so living Taipei isn’t my first time  studying abroad. But honestly, these two experiences could not be more different. In Chengdu, I lived in a dorm and spent most of my time with my fellow American classmates, whereas in Taiwan, I live in a hostel and spend most of my time with locals. I definitely think I did it right this time around! While preparing my move to Taipei,…Continue Reading “11 Reasons to Live at a Hostel While Studying Abroad”