In this series, we are featuring recommendations for Yilan County, where we (the Homey staff) to a short trip to in November!  Get out of the big city and get yourself a healthy dose of nature feeling. Northern Yilan: Wai’ao Beach and Fish Bath The county is very famous for its beautiful beaches, stretching wide and uninterrupted. The waves are also very popular among surfers. In the northern part of Yilan lies Wai’ao Beach (or Gangao Beach), one of these popular destinations. Surfing there you…Continue Reading “Trip to awesome Yilan Part 2!”

The essential kit to survive Taipei Every modern city have their own system and rules. Although they may be similar to the ones in your city, they are definitely not the same. There are a few thing that everyone must have when in Taipei.   1.Easy Card First in the essential kit to survive Taipei is probably the most important item of them all; EASYCARD. You can use your easy card to do many things in Taipei: You can pay for groceries, fast food, pretty…Continue Reading “The essential kit to survive Taipei”

How to go to the national park called Kenting from Taipei. There are many ways to make your way to the Hawaii of Taiwan. It is a long ride as both places are at the extremities of the country, but the scenery is definitely worth the journey. In order for you to arrive in Kenting in the best way possible, let me breakdown the different ways you can take reach it. Without further ado, the first mode of transport for Taipei to Kenting is: 1….Continue Reading “Taipei to Kenting”

1.Walarmi, 1 day (Nan-an – Walarmi – Nan-an)   瓦拉米線,建議1天(南安-瓦拉米-南安) 2. Walarmi, 2 days (Nan-an – Walarmi – Nan-an)   瓦拉米線,建議2天(南安-瓦拉米-南安)3 .Walarmi, 3 days (Nan-an – Walarmi – Nan-an)   瓦拉米線,建議3天(南安-瓦拉米-南安) *suggested Walarmi Routes 4.Yushan Main Peak, 2 days (Tataka – Yushan Main Peak – Tataka)   玉山主峰,建議2天 (塔塔加-玉山主峰-塔塔加)5. Yushan Front Peak, 1 day (Tataka – Yushan Front Peak – Tataka)   玉山前峰,建議1天 (塔塔加-玉山前峰-塔塔加) 6. Yushan Mountains, 2 days (Tataka – Yushan Hiking Route – Tataka)   玉山群峰,建議2天 (塔塔加-玉山群峰-塔塔加)7. Yushan Mountains, 3 days (Tataka – Yushan Hiking Route – Tataka)   玉山群峰,建議3天…Continue Reading “Route Map-Yushan National Park”

1. Mt. Qilai (奇萊主峰線)2. Qilai Mountains Area (奇萊連峰) 3. East side of Qilai (奇萊東稜) 4. Zhuilu Old Road (錐麓古道) 5. Mt. Nanhu (南湖大山線) 6. Nanhu-Zhongyangjian (南湖中央尖”北一段”) 7. Mt. Qingshui Trail (清水山) 8. Quemenguan Fault (北二段”鬼門關斷崖) 9. Mt. Shuan – Mt. Lingming (閂山鈴鳴山) 10. Mt. Shuan single attack (閂山單攻)11. Mt. Bilu single attack (畢祿山單攻)12. Mt. Yangtou (羊頭山)13. Mt. Bilu to Mt. Yangtou Longitudinal Line  (畢祿縱走羊頭)

Yushan Main Peak 玉山主峰 3Days2Nights   FactYushan Nation Park is well known for its magnificent scenery, sunrises, sunsets, geological features, and views of the clouds from above. Sea of clouds often fill the valleys. Yushan Main Peak (3952m)is the tallest peak in Taiwan and northeast Asia. Itinerary      Day 1      10:00~12:00  Taipei Main Station 台北火 車站 (gathering and have gears checked)      12:00~18:00  Taipei 台北 →Shuili水里 (dinner along the road) →Tataka 塔塔加      18:30~19:00  Setting up the tent      19:00~20:30  Dessert time      21:00~           …Continue Reading “Hiking on Yushan Main Peak”

Snow Mountain East Peak 雪山主東峰  3Days2Nights   Fact Snow Mountain is the 2nd highest peak in Taiwan. The specialty of snow mountain is that it is extremely beautiful when it is capped with snow in winter time. Also, the unique topography such as glacial cirque is an intriguing scenery for hiker. Itineray        Day 1        11:00~11:30  Meet at Chiaohsi 礁溪 Train Station/ Chiaohsi Bus Station        11:30~12:30  Lunch at your own expense (or you can chose to meet us after lunch)        13:00~17:30  Meeting point→Trailhead of Xue Mountain 雪山登山口                                (dinner…Continue Reading “Hiking on Snow Mountain East Peak”

Jiaming Meteor Lake 嘉明湖  3Days2Nights Fact It is the 2nd highest lake in Taiwan. The lake is ellipse-shaped and the water color is deep ruby blue. There is no river flows into this lake, but it never dries out in whole year.  Because it is close to sky and shape like a drop, many Taiwanese people call it “angle’s tear”. Recently it becomes a famous scenery in deep mountain side.      Itinerary        Day 1        07:10~09:55  Taipei Train Main Station→Hualien Train Station 花蓮火車站        10:00~12:00  Hualien→Chihshang…Continue Reading “Hiking on Jiaming Meteor Lake”