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Best Bubble Tea in Taipei Near Homey Hostel

If you Google Search “best bubble tea in Taipei”, dozens of blog posts pop up with lists of the best tea places in Taiwan. However, many of the places included on those lists are located in a distant corner of Taipei and may be difficult to get to if you’re only in Taipei for a short amount of time. Never fear!
Even if you’re only in Taipei for one night, Homey Hostel’s neighborhood has several delicious bubble tea shops that allow you to experience one of Taipei’s greatest pride and joys – tea. Even if you aren’t staying at Homey Hostel, the following list contains most of the Taiwanese Bubble Tea franchises that are spread out all over the city. 
***Note: The Google Maps location for each of the following tea places is linked to the name for each entry***

Best bubble tea in Taipei: our favorite spots

Before we get into which bubble tea locations you should visit, here’s the typical step-by-step process for ordering tea in Taiwan:
  1. Choose your drink from the menu (most tea shops will have an English menu available)
  2. Choose whether you want your tea iced or hot
  3. Choose the amount of ice
  4. Choose the level of sweetness
  5. Add boba or other chewy add-ins
  6. Enjoy the deliciousness of Taiwan’s favorite treat!

1. KQ Tea (康青龍)

Hours: 10am-8pm every day
Price Range: 30-75 NTD
Sit down or on the go? On the go
Of all the locals I asked about best bubble tea in Taipei, KQ Tea had by far the best reviews. The shining glory of the KQ Tea franchise is their offering of taro bubbles as an alternative to the standard tapioca bubbles, giving their drinks a flavor and texture you can’t find elsewhere. However, even their normal bubbles are my favorite in Taipei, and they definitely possess the best level of chewiness and sweetness to complement my drink.
Best bubble in Taipei

2. Tea Plus(水巷茶弄)

Hours: 11am-10pm every day
Price Range: 25-90 NTD
Sit down or on the go? On the go
Devoted to fresh ingredients, Tea Plus’s drinks are all natural, healthy, and freshly made – but most importantly, they’re delicious. Like it so much that you want to stock up? Tea Plus also allows you to buy a 1-liter bottle of any of their menu options for you to store at home or take on the go. Tea Plus is also dedicated to environmental protection, so if you reuse the bottle at any Tea Plus location, you receive a discount on your refill!
Green tea Taipei
Green tea to go, and a great bottle I can reuse!

Chocolate cake milk tea
Chocolate cake milk tea with pudding – yum!


3. 85 Degrees Daily Cafe
85 Degrees Daily Cafe

Hours: 7:30am-11pm M-F, 8am-11pm Sa/Su
Price Range: 35-90 NTD
Sit down or on the go? On the go, but this location does have room to sit!
85 degrees is one of the best all-around shops selling bubble tea in Taipei. From a selection of blended coffee drinks to milk teas to their ever-full pastry case, they have it all.
Best bubble in taipei

4. 50 Lan(50嵐)

Hours: 10am-10pm every day
Price Range: 25-75 NTD
Sit down or on the go? On the go
Taipei’s most widespread bubble tea shop, 50 Lan attracts locals and foreigners alike. Their menu is dominated by sugary milk teas and ice cream teas, so if you have a sweet tooth, 50 Lan is definitely the place for you.
50 bubble tea Taipei

5. Coco(都可)

Hours: 11am-9:15pm every day
Price Range: 25-65 NTD
Sit down or on the g?  On the go
Coco places an emphasis on fresh ingredients, and they proudly display the fresh fruit they use in their juices in their front counter. While Coco is currently a global brand, Taipei was where it originated, so even if you’ve tried it abroad, why not try it in its hometown? This Coco location is located in Zhongshan Underground Mall, so don’t be confused if you can’t find it at street level!

6. Ching Shin Fu QuanTea Station(清心福全)

Hours: 9am-10pm every day
Price Range: 25-70 NTD
Sit down or on the go? On the go
Another Taiwanese Bubble Tea favorite, Ching Shin Fu Quan offers a large variety of ice teas, milk teas, fresh juices, and fruit vinegar drinks. What makes Ching Shin special is that their teas are less bitter and higher quality than other tea shops.

7. Ten Ren Tea(天仁茗茶)

Hours:9:30am-9:30pm Su-Th, 9:30am-10pm Fr/Sa
Price Range: TBD
Sit down or on the go? On the go
One of Taiwan’s biggest tea suppliers, the Ten Ren tea shops are a great place to buy both loose leaf teas and a cup of tea to go. Ten Ren provides a much larger variety of herbal and floral teas than other tea franchises, but you can also get your regular milk tea and fruit tea blends as well.
Located on the first floor of the Q-Square Mall, the easiest way to get to Ten Ren Tea is to enter the mall at this entrance.
Best bubble in Taipei

8. Sunny Cha(三韻茶)

Hours: 10:30am-7pm M-Sa
Price Range: 30-70 NTD
Sit down or on the go? On the go
Sunny Cha translates its name into its product by providing a menu dominated by bright citrus and honey flavored drinks. They put so much attention into their drinks that they utilize a four-stage water filtration process to make the water as pure as possible. With ingredients this fresh, the tea is definitely worth the walk.


Best bubble in Taipei: Sunny Cha
Honey green tea with tapioca bubbles – my favorite!




For those of you who want some fancier tea options…

9. Cans Teahouse(罐子茶館)

Hours: 9am-7pm every day
Price Range: 60-280 NTD
Sit down or on the go? Sit down
Located in the side wing of MOCA Taipei, Cans Tea is a great place to drink tea if you’re more in the mood for a brewed pot of quality tea leaves than sweeter iced bubble or milk tea. The yellow and white paint, large windows, wicker chairs, and rotating ceramic art installations create a very bright atmosphere, making Cans Tea a great place to sit and linger. While Cans is a bit more expensive than the rest of the best bubble tea in Taipei from this list, you can be sure you’re drinking higher quality premium tea leaves.


Ceramics on the table, and more ceramics on the wall

 10. Fengpu Tea Supply Co.(峰圃茶莊)

Hours: 9:30am-9pm M-Sa
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If you like buying your own loose leaf tea, Fengpu Tea Supply Co. is the place for you. More of a retail store than a tea service counter, you won’t be able to buy a cup of tea to go, but you may be able to get a tea tasting and learn about local varieties of tea.
Best bubble in Taipei
Check out where all the locals get their tea at Fengpu Tea Supply Co.

11. Le Thé(茶苑簡介)
Le Thé(茶苑簡介)

Hours: 11:30am-9:30pm every day
Price Range: 580NTD + 10% per person
Sit down or on the go? Sit down
For those of you who want to go all out on your tea experience, Le Thé on the 6th floor of Palais de Chine provides a classic Parisian afternoon tea set for you to enjoy in their beautiful dining room. Reservations are needed in advance, so feel free to ask the front desk at Homey to help you make them!
Fancy-free and drinking tea
Obviously, there are more tea places around Homey Hostel than you may have time to try. I can’t even imagine how many tea places there must be throughout Taipei!
Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you coffee drinkers. For the next two weeks I’ll be talking about all the coffee places within 2 blocks of Homey, so get ready to get caffeinated!
Your favorite Homey LTR, Angie
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