Awesome 1 – Day Trip to Keelung!

Looking for an exciting one-day-trip? How about visiting the harbor city Keelung City? Convenient to reach by local trains and by bus, you can see an awesome coastline, go to visit a marine museum, take photos of super colorful city coastline and take a stroll over the nightmarket with the freshest seafood in the region – maybe with other guests or even a guide from homey hostel!

First Stop: Ruifang 瑞芳

Ruifang on the way to Keelung


Our Homey guide Nick took us first to the main station (which takes about 5 minutes from Homey) and taking the local train to Ruifang 瑞芳, which takes about 40 minutes because the train stops at every single station. Ruifang was more of a transit post for the more popular sight-seeing spots in the past, but it changed course to offer a glimpse at nostalgic streets with streetfood like Longfengtui (Dragon -Phoenix-Leg) and Shuangbaotai (Twins) near the station.

And as expected, on the way to nicknamed “rainy port” city of Keelung, it began raining and we had to pack out our nice striking yellow raincoats.

Ruifang Streetfood Ruifang Streetfood

yellow raincoat

Second Stop: Badouzi Station

Just two train stops from Ruifang there is the scenic spot Badouzi station, with an awesome sight of the ocean. You can even reach Keelung Island from there, or observe the birds and the ships or the many other people coming there to take photos. Even tough the weather that day wasn’t the best, the photos give you an idea of how beautiful it can be with the sun shining.

Baidouzi Baidouzi Baidouzi

Third Stop: Maritime Museum

That day we didn’t have enough time to visit, but if you take a whole day for this trip, it’s worth your time visiting the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology (NMMST). On the way back to Ruifang, it’s just one stop away at Haikeguan station. The building itself is huge, and the exhibitions are featuring interactive learning equipment. The NMMST is also home to the largest IMAX 3D movie theater, with the latest digital sound technology.


Last Stop: Keelung Harbor 基隆港 and Nightmarket

From the Museum you can take a busride of about 20 minutes to the city of Keelung. You can take in the upper side of the harbor first, where the owners of the houses and businesses near the harbor painted them in the colors of the rainbow. They hoped to attract tourists and well, it’s working. The buildings look beautiful, with stylish bars and coffee places luring photo taking travellers with nice smelling coffee or a late night cocktail int his little fisher town.

Keelung fishing village Keelung fishing village

Further down is the industrial harbor, with both commercial as well as military applications. There are also scenic platforms which allow awesome night views and photos.

Keelung industrial harbor

The local nightmarket of Keelung is located near the harbor scenic spot. Our recommendation is to buy some food there and then eat it at the harbor, enjoying the lights of the ships coming and going. We opted for delicious barbecue that day, but you can find there almost everything – especially super fresh seafood! But be prepared for an endless stream of people at the market, it’ really super crowded (even when it’s raining, the people of Keelung are kind of used to that it seems). If you don’t have the option of going to Keelung, you can still join the Homey Food Tour to a nightmarket every Monday evening.

Keelung Nightmarket Keelung Nightmarket

For the way back, you again have several options. If you are too late for taking the train, you can also opt for the bus, which takes about 35 minutes (not much slower than the train). You can easily pay with your Easycard, just remember to swipe the card going on and off the bus. Get off at Taipei Main Station, the bus stops are conveniently located near the main building. And there you have it, Homey is a mere 7 minutes walking distance away!

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