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10 things I love about Homey Hostel

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10 things I love about HOMEY HOSTEL


1.Location, Location, Location

Have I mentioned the location? Homey is perfectly situated. A minute away from the vast Taipei city mall, 10 minutes from Taipei main station and its vast shopping area. There you can find local and international brands (if you’re already homesick) more food than you could possibly taste. I would personally recommend the Hujiao bing (pork buns) they’re so good people queue for them, but then again people queue for most things in Taipei.


2. The staff

The amazing staff, always happy to help! They can speak Chinese (obviously), English (Thank god!) Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish… Basically every language needed. Most of the time they organise giant dinners or play board games with the guests. They are on hand to help from 8:30am to 10:30pm but even after that there is always someone around to help.


3. The free breakfast

Who would say no to free food? Not me! It’s always nice to be able to save a little money on food, it’s even better when the food is good. The morning breakfast is fully stocked with bread, chocolate spread, peanut butter, coconut spread, garlic butter. Juice, milk, Congee, for those who don’t know it’s rice porridge, it comes with side dishes (mushroom, corn, soy and more)


4. The bikes

They have a dozen bikes that anyone can rent to cycle around Taipei, Yes I said anyone! You don’t need to be a guest, but you do get a discount if you are. Just head to reception for more info on prices or click on this link


5. How friendly they are as a company

Not only are they eco-friendly— They do some hardcore recycling and have a card system to save electricity. But they are also very friendly to different cultures, religions and everything else one might associate themselves as.


6. The walking tours

Free walking tours are available Mondays and Fridays. On Mondays they take you on a food tour around Taipei night markets for some local street food usually at Bangka or Dadaocheng. On Fridays the tour goes up elephant mountain from which you can see landmarks such as the almighty Taipei 101 and the rest of town.


7. The superb lobby


For those who love music, the lobby has a piano keyboard and a few guitars— No pressure. But the music usually comes from spotify so don’t feel forced to entertain everyone, you can leave it to the pros. There are more cushions and places to rest than a sloth would know what to do with! There’s a little kitchen at the back if you’re feeling peckish, just don’t go take other people’s food and you should be fine.


8. The language corners

Homey hostel offers language exchange classes. If you want to brush up on your Chinese, English, Spanish or Korean for the meagre sum of $300 NTD that’s basically free if you ask me.


9. Free wifi & Computers

Nowadays free WIFI is probably more vital than water and good WIFI is as good as gold, too many times have I been to hostels where the WIFI disappears when you reach your room WHY???? Not in Homey, Wifi is available everywhere and works splendidly. For those without a PC or an old phone, no Problem! They have computers you can use in the superb lobby, you can even print from them.


10. Cleanliness

Last but not least, it is as clean as it could possibly be. They have a team constantly cleaning the place from floor to ceiling. Everyday without exception. It’s important when you’re living somewhere else that is not home that you can at least count on a clean bed and

shower. Homey will not let you down.


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