Taiwan Comic Art Festival in Homey

You like Comic Art? Manga? Marvel? Then here’s something for you! The 2019 Taiwan Comic Art Festival will be held from Sep. 24 to Oct. 23. And of course, Homey Hostel is taking part in it!

About the Comic Art Festival

In Taiwan, Comics are called Manhua 漫畫, and the scence is thriving! The kick-off for this year was at Taipei based Taiwan Comic Base, serving as the headquater of the country’s comic art scene. The 2019 theme is “Roaming Across Domains”, depicting how comics have the power to connect different fields of art. May it be theatre, literature, music, film, and so on, the artworks and stories lead the reader and the creator alike into new domains.

comic art festival at homey


According to this theme, the exhibitions take place at special places. One large area is connected to “Comic Art Leading the Pubic in Travelling” and thus enters the urban cultural landscape via hostels and guest houses. By using the public spaces of hostel lobbies and guest houses as canvases, the comic art festival makes an impact in traveler’s experiences and the daily life of local people alike. Also, the exhibition covers not only commercially published comics. Fan cartoonists, painters, graphic writers, etc., are also able to take part in this event and meet the public eye.


Comic Art in Homey Hostel

The exhibition places are all located in Zhongshan. In Homey Hostel, you can admire the works of Lung-Chieh Li on the 8th floor. His characters features strong lines and deep contrasts. In 2016, he won the Silver Award at the 9th International Manga Award, and in 2018 his story about a loyalist Ming general won at the 9th Golden Comic Awards (the most important national award for comic art in Taiwan!).

comic art festival at homey


In addition, art can be found at various places in Homey Hostel, encouraging to linger and explore your surroundings for unexpected encounters. Besides Homey Hostel, there are 11 more places to explore, for details see the map below:

comic art festival map

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