Taipei short term rental

You just arrive in Taiwan and you’re looking for a Taipei short-term rental? You are thinking to stay in town for a while but do not want to pay an arm and a leg for a hotel room? You are looking for a Taipei furnished apartment but you will not stay long enough to sign a year-long lease? Whether you are a student in Taipei for an internship or a working traveler who wish to explore deeper our tremendous capital, finding a suitable temporary accommodation…Continue Reading “Why book a Taipei Short-Term Rental at Homey Hostel”

Looking for a place to experience the nightlife in Taipei and party all night long? Offering an awesome nightlife scene, one thing is for sure, Taipei has plenty of places to keep you entertained. Whether by its atmosphere, the type of music, its decoration, the drinks offered or the clientele (students, locals or foreigners), each club and bar that we present in this article is unique. Various theme nights or events are organized in clubs and bars like the famous Ladies Nights which takes place every…Continue Reading “Nightlife in Taipei: 7 Best Nightlife Venues in Taipei”

Taipei is filled with endless new retail shops, local markets and shopping malls. What these entrepreneurs share is an interest in seeking a quality way of life, and the differences in their findings can be seen in what they sell. While shopping in Taipei for souvenirs to bring back home, don’t forget to chat with the shop owners. their vision and unique insight will tell something more about the brand and their products! In Taipei, while design stores showcase immense creativity of the younger generation,…Continue Reading “Shopping in Taipei: 10 favorite places to go! – By Homey Hostel”

So I know I promised that my next post would be on the best historical and cultural places in Taipei, but writing about historical and cultural places kind of requires research on history and culture, and research takes time. So in the interim, here’s a brief post about my new obsession: TPE Terminal 2’s waiting areas. This past weekend, I took a quick jaunt over to mainland China to attend the wedding reception for one of my friend’s from when I was studying abroad in…Continue Reading “The Best of TPE Terminal 2!”

Back in 2015, I spent a semester in Chengdu, Sichuan, China studying Chinese for four months, so living Taipei isn’t my first time  studying abroad. But honestly, these two experiences could not be more different. In Chengdu, I lived in a dorm and spent most of my time with my fellow American classmates, whereas in Taiwan, I live in a hostel and spend most of my time with locals. I definitely think I did it right this time around! While preparing my move to Taipei,…Continue Reading “11 Reasons to Live at a Hostel While Studying Abroad”

When you think of a hostel, you usually think of backpackers or students looking for a place to socialize while they travel. What you don’t think of, however, are families. People tend to assume that hostels are not suitable for family trips – they cater too much to young partiers, they’re noisy, they’re unsafe, etc… the list goes on. While these issues can be true for some hostels, in reality, the world of hostels has been expanding so much recently that cheap, dirty, party hostels…Continue Reading “10 Reasons to Stay at a Hostel on Your Family Vacation”

Fun fact: before I came to Taipei, I was not a coffee drinker. At all. On occasion, when I had one of my 12-hour drives from Chicago to South Carolina, I would keep myself awake with a small cup of black coffee, and when I visited Costa Rica I made sure to try locally grown coffee varieties, but other than that my coffee experience was non-existent. So, tea drinker that I am, when I first came to Taipei, I was super excited for the abundance…Continue Reading “The Best Cafés Less Than Two Blocks Away Part 2: On-the-Go”

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been on a mission to drink coffee at every café within two blocks of Homey Hostel. Now, a two block radius doesn’t seem that large… I mean, how many cafés can be less than 500m away? 10 at the most right? To my surprise, I discovered that there are actually 30 different cafés within two blocks of Homey Hostel! (And that’s only counting the ones facing the street and not any located inside the Q Square Mall or any…Continue Reading “The Best Cafés Less Than Two Blocks Away Part 1: Sit-Down Edition”

Best bubble in taipei

If you Google Search “best bubble tea in Taipei”, dozens of blog posts pop up with lists of the best tea places in Taiwan. However, many of the places included on those lists are located in a distant corner of Taipei and may be difficult to get to if you’re only in Taipei for a short amount of time. Never fear! Even if you’re only in Taipei for one night, Homey Hostel’s neighborhood has several delicious bubble tea shops that allow you to experience one…Continue Reading “Best Bubble Tea in Taipei Near Homey Hostel”

When I’m not living in Taipei studying Chinese, I’m an ecologist, so being outside and otherwise surrounded by nature is kind of my thing. Whenever I move to a new city, my first goal is to find my favorite parks so that I know exactly where to go when I want to sit and relax, go on a run, or have a change of scenery while I’m doing my homework. While I haven’t visited all of Taipei’s green spaces (there are at least a hundred…Continue Reading “The Outdoor Enthusiast’s Guide to Taipei”